Choose from thousands of proxy servers with IPs from various subnets.

Private connection

We offer only dedicated proxies allocated for exclusive use.

99% uptime

Data center proxies are fast, powerful and very reliable.

OxyLabs Proxy Rotator is the system you have been looking for. It's the world's most advanced IP address rotator, designed specifically for high-scope, enterprise-level data mining activities. It employs a state-of-the-art technology that essentially eliminates exposure to IP-based blocking, misleading data representation, or captcha implementation, all coming from targeted websites.


OxyLabs Proxy Rotator is purposely designed to deliver data for big-scaled web scraping activities. It's fast, efficient and simple to use, but most importantly - it delivers the data to you, no matter what.


It does not matter if you use your own data mining script or employ industry-standard harvesting tools - we will implement OxyLabs Proxy Rotator to work perfectly with any configuration you have.


We rotate IP addresses so you don’t have to. You can focus on other, more important things and save costs on system monitoring and maintenance. Getting your data is now our problem.


It all starts with a query, which can be sent via a browser or a custom script in Shell, Java, C#, Python or other programming code. You can then choose the settings, including session control, targeted country, header manipulation options and more.

OxyLabs Proxy Rotator analyzes the query and picks the best IP address to hit the website. The choice depends on various factors, such as IP usage per C-class or the target's mining difficulty. The query exits through the node in one of OxyLabs Proxy Rotator remote servers, physically located in the target's country.

The target is accessed in the stealth mode - the traffic now comes from the IP address located in the country of your choice. It gets more difficult to track the IP. With session control enabled, you can keep the same IP for deep drilling through websites.

Why industry leaders choose Oxylabs


100% data delivery

Thanks to our large proxy network and advanced backup system, we are ensuring data delivery whenever you need it.


Scalable solutions

Companies of all sizes succeed with Oxylabs as our system is built to handle tens of millions of queries every day.


High-profile partnerships

World’s biggest companies, including the world's top 5 largest retailers, are already using Oxylabs as their main proxy provider.