Datacenter proxy API

Gabija Fatenaite

Jun 22, 2021 1 min read

From now on, you can access and manage your Datacenter Proxies via our Datacenter Proxy API! With it, you can replace your IPs from a specific subnet in your existing proxy list. This helps you replace flagged or blacklisted IPs more easily and at your own pace. 

As easy as a POST request


To replace your IPs from a specific subnet within your existing proxy list, simply make the POST request to the endpoint you see above. Don’t forget to add a specific endpoint you wish to replace.

For more technical information on how the Datacenter Proxy API works, check out our documentation

Wrap up

With a Proxy API, you will have more control over your proxy resources. The API will ensure reliable data-gathering operations for your business and help you replace flagged or blacklisted IPs more easily. 

Please note: if you are currently using our Proxy Rotator and have a custom build, Datacenter Proxy API can be a little too simple for you. But if you still might want this feature, let your Dedicated Account manager know or contact our support team at 


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