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Other products

Unlimited Bandwidth Residential & Datacenter Proxies

Seamless and unrestricted access to public websites without worrying about data usage limits.

  • Unlimited bandwidth & concurrent sessions

  • Unmetered traffic limit

  • Country, state, and city targeting

Private Proxies

Gain full control over how and when your proxies are used.

  • The widest geographical reach 

  • The most extensive selection of private proxy servers

  • No limitations on bandwidth and concurrent sessions 

  • Country, state, and city targeting

Proxy Coupon Codes

Get a 30% discount for Oxylabs' products.

  • Scraper APIs

  • Proxies

  • Web Unblocker


Navigate and overcome CAPTCHA challenges hassle-free.

  • Fast Residential Proxies

  • Private Dedicated Proxies

  • Automatic IP rotation

Proxies With Credit Card

Get SOCKS5, Residential & Datacenter proxies securely and easily with a credit card.

  • Premium SOCKS5 Proxies

  • 100M+ Residential IPs

  • State and city targeting

Bulk Residential, SOCKS5 & Datacenter Proxies

Save on proxies by purchasing in bulk.

  • 100M+ Residential IPs

  • 20M+ Mobile IPs

  • 2M+ Dedicated IPs

  • 22,000 Shared IPs

Exclusive Proxy Rentals

Rent a proxy for your projects. Choose a monthly subscription or pay per gigabyte of used data.

  • 100M+ Residential IPs

  • 3G/4G/5G/LTE mobile networks

  • Private & Shared Datacenter Proxies

  • 360K+ IPs from real ISPs

Daily Proxies for Web Scraping

Get premium proxies for your daily web scraping projects.

  • HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5 protocols

  • Automatic proxy rotation

  • Proxies in 195 countries

  • Residential and Datacenter IPs

UDP Proxies

Easily handle User Datagram Protocol (UDP) communication with UDP proxies.

  • Private proxies with the UDP protocol support

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Perfect for high-level traffic tasks

Free Trial Proxies

Test Oxylabs proxies for free.

  • 7-day trial for verified company registrations

  • 3-day money-back guarantee for individual clients

  • Residential & Datacenter IPs

  • HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5 protocols

Anonymous Proxies

Be confident that your web scraper stays undetected.

  • 100M+ Proxy pool

  • 188 available countries

  • Dedicated IPs available

TamilYogi Proxies

Access the TamilYogi website from regions where it may be blocked.

  • 100M+ residential IPs

  • 2M+ datacenter IPs

  • Organic traffic resemblance

Premium Fast Paid Proxy Servers

Enjoy high proxy uptime, stability, and exceptional speeds.

  • Tier A+ ethical proxies

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • 195 locations

  • 99.9% uptime

Proxies With PayPal

Easily acquire SOCKS5, Residential & Datacenter proxies via PayPal.

  • 100M+ proxy pool

  • 188 available countries

  • Dedicated IPs available

Elite Proxies

Obtain high-anonymity and maximum privacy proxies for your sensitive projects.

  • Tier A+ proxy sourcing

  • Rotating or static IPs

  • 100M+ Proxy pool

  • Single backconnect entry


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