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  • 100M+ Proxy pool

  • 188 available countries

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Top anonymous proxy types

With Residential proxies, you can collect public data from almost any website in the country without being blocked.

  • Get access to geo-restricted content

  • Collect a large number of public data

  • Forget about IP blocks

Best for:

Review monitoring, ad verification, travel fare aggregation, cybersecurity

Bypass geo-restrictions effortlessly with high-quality and reliable mobile proxy.

  • Country, state, city, and ASN targeting

  • 1.1 s market leading response time

  • Avg. 99.9% uptime for high-performance

Best for:

Ad verification, review monitoring, market research.

Use the flexibility of Oxylabs’ SOCKS5 Proxies to perform traffic-intensive data gathering while avoiding blocks. 

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Free advanced targeting: ASN, ZIP, city, state, country

  • Market highest uptime of 99.9%

Best for:

Video streaming, live calls, traffic-intensive data gathering.

Perform heavy-duty scraping projects at high speed and performance with private proxies.

  • City and state-level targeting

  • Unlimited sessions, bandwidth, and targets

  • Exceptional speeds with avg. 99.9% uptime

Best for:

Market research, brand protection, email protection, cybersecurity.

Level of proxy anonymity

Most proxies will shield the user’s information and provide some degree of anonymity (granted that the user obtained them from a reliable top-tier proxy server provider). There is only one situation in which you'll get no anonymity whatsoever, and that's with a transparent proxy. These proxies are implemented on the server side and typically disclose the IP address. In fact, three levels of proxy anonymity exist.

Level 1: Elite proxies

Elite proxy servers offer the most privacy. In addition to hiding the IP address, they’ll also conceal the fact that the user is employing a proxy. Elite proxies omit identifying headers when sending requests to the destination server. To keep the user entirely anonymous, the following headers might be removed:

Identifying HTTP headers example:


Level 2: Anonymous proxies

Anonymous proxies provide mid-level anonymity. They still conceal the IP address, but the destination server will know that the connection goes through a proxy. Unlike with elite proxies, some headers – such as the Via header – are passed along to the server.

Level 3: Transparent proxies

These proxies provide no anonymity to the client. They include the user’s IP address in the X-Forwarded-For, and keep the proxy IP visible in the Via header. These proxies are usually configured on the server side to control website traffic, and the user is rarely aware that their connection is directed through a proxy.

Anonymous proxies for personal use

In terms of individual uses, an anonymous proxy can enhance the browsing experience. If you want to avoid targeted ads, bypass geo-restrictions, or protect your search history, anonymous proxies are the way to go. Additionally, it can be a good preventative measure that protects against identity theft.

Quick and easy integration

Integrating our proxies into third-party software is straightforward. For detailed instructions, please refer to our documentation.


curl -x -U "customer-USER:PASS"

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Free proxy servers: risks

Encryption breaches

Free proxies rarely support HTTP(S) connections, and without it, your online activities can be monitored. 

Private data leaks

Untrustworthy proxy providers can access user’s cookies, meaning private data may be at risk.

Malicious software

The majority of publicly accessible proxies are unreliable or, even worse, contain malicious software.

Frequently asked questions

What is anonymous proxy?

An anonymous proxy is a server used in web scraping to hide the scraper's IP address, ensuring anonymity and preventing websites from identifying and blocking the scraping activity.

What does an anonymous proxy do?

An anonymous proxy serves as an intermediary between user and the target, concealing the user's IP address and providing anonymity during scraping activities.

Are residential proxies anonymous?

Yes, residential proxies offer anonymity through residential IP addresses. Unlike datacenter proxies, residential proxies are less likely to be easily detected.

What is the difference between anonymous VPN and anonymous proxy?

An anonymous VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts all internet traffic, while an anonymous proxy only serves as an intermediary for specific applications. VPNs offer broader protection by securing the entire connection, while proxies are application-specific and may not encrypt all data.

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