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daily proxies

Daily Proxies for Web Scraping

  • HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5 protocols

  • Automatic proxy rotation

  • Proxies in 195 countries

  • Residential and Datacenter IPs









Quick and easy integration

Oxylabs' proxies can be effortlessly integrated with a wide range of third-party software. Refer to our documentation for detailed information about all our products.


curl -x -U "USER:PASS"

I find the support and communication from account managers to be very good, but the real winner is the products and tools that Oxylabs provide which are high quality and do exactly as they promise.

Michael S.

Oxylabs' customer

A word from a customer

Learn more about the experience of using our products straight from our customers. Join the ranks of those who have chosen us and trust our commitment to providing an excellent service.

Choose the proxy type for your daily tasks

Use the flexibility of Oxylabs’ SOCKS5 Proxies to perform traffic-intensive data gathering tasks while avoiding CAPTCHAs. 

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Free advanced targeting: ASN, ZIP, city, state, country

  • Market's highest uptime of 99.9%

Best for:

Video streaming, live calls, traffic-intensive data gathering.

With Residential Proxies, you can collect public data from almost any website in the country without being blocked.

  • Get access to geo-restricted content

  • Collect a large number of public data

  • Forget about IP blocks

Best for:

Review monitoring, ad verification, travel fare aggregation, cybersecurity

Bypass geo-restrictions effortlessly with high-quality and reliable Mobile Proxy IPs.

  • Country, state, city, and ASN targeting

  • 1.1 s market leading response time

  • Avg. 99.9% uptime for high-performance

Best for:

Ad verification, review monitoring, market research

Perform heavy-duty scraping projects at high speed with Dedicated Datacenter Proxies.

  • City and state-level targeting

  • Unlimited sessions, bandwidth, and targets

  • Exceptional speeds with avg. 99.9% uptime

Best for:

Market research, brand protection, email protection, cybersecurity

Frequently asked questions

Can I use your proxies evey day?

You can certainly use our proxies every day. However, it's important to note that each plan comes with specific usage limits. For example, our Micro plan for Residential Proxies Micro provides 11GB of traffic. If you anticipate exceeding this limit, you may want to consider upgrading to a plan with higher data allowances to ensure uninterrupted service for your daily proxy needs.

Do daily proxies support HTTPS?

Absolutely! Our proxy servers support HTTPS, ensuring that your data is encrypted during transmission for enhanced security.

What type of proxy should I choose for everyday traffic-intensive scraping tasks?

For everyday traffic-intensive scraping tasks, we recommend choosing SOCKS5 proxies. SOCKS5 proxies offer a high level of flexibility and are well-suited for handling large volumes of data and traffic.

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