static residential proxies

Static Residential Proxies

  • Combined power of datacenter and residential IPs

  • Human-like scraping with top-tier uptime

  • Anonymous proxies with premium features

static residential IPs

Enjoy the high speed and superior performance

Static Residential Proxies originate from datacenter proxies, therefore they are just as fast as their counterparts. Residential Static Proxies are excellent if you need to harvest data and gather intelligence quickly. With our 100K+ static IP proxy pool, you can react fast to protect your business brand and a hard-fought market share.

Gather information as an organic user

Oxylabs' Static Residential Proxies are officially assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The combination of the datacenter and residential proxies gives you the power of both worlds and makes a perfect ISP proxy. ISP proxies allow you to browse the internet from the eyes of a genuine consumer and gather public data even from the most challenging targets.

Reach up to 99.9% uptime with Static IP Proxies

Oxylabs’ Static Residential Proxies offer an average uptime of 99.9%. They are one of the most stable and reliable proxies on the market, so rest assured you will complete your scraping tasks swiftly. Also, our Static Residential Proxies support HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5 protocols.

Everything is just simple and works – no issues. Everyone is quite flexible and is there for you in times of need. Response to me is key, and the team at Oxylabs is quite responsive too.

Vancho P.

Oxylabs’ product user

What do our clients think?

Your business success is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations by delivering exceptional products and unparalleled support.

Why businesses choose Oxylabs Static Residential Proxies

Simple pricing terms

With our Static Residential Proxies, you get unlimited bandwidth and will be charged only per IP.

100K+ Static Residential IPs

We currently have over 100K static residential IPs, and we continuously expand our proxy pool to fit every customer's needs.

Reliable resources

We make sure that Oxylabs’ Static Residential Proxies are fast and reliable, so no issues occur during scraping jobs.

Unlimited number of targets

With Oxylabs’ static IP proxies, there are no limits or restrictions to any of your targets, making any scraping job a lot smoother.

99.9% uptime

With high uptime, Oxylabs' Static Residential Proxies are one of the most stable and reliable proxies on the market.

24/7 live support

No matter the time of the day, be sure to get answers when you need them. Our support team works around the clock!

Lukas Motiejunas

Senior Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Simply put, with Oxylabs' Static Residential Proxies, you get the best of the two worlds: high-performance rates of datacenter proxies, along with the online legitimacy of residential proxies.

Viktorija Lapyte

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Sometimes rotating IPs can cause issues or get you banned from websites. This usually happens when making a purchase on e-commerce sites, or handling similar operations. This is where Oxylabs' Static Residential Proxies can come in handy and be the top solution for you.

Get your own Dedicated Account Manager

By choosing to work with our Static Residential Proxies, you get your very own Dedicated Account Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a static residential IP proxy?

The anonymity of a residential proxy with the speed of a datacenter proxy - this powerful combination answers the question of what is a static residential proxy.

A static IP proxy is a datacenter IP address assigned via a contract by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Static residential proxies allow you to operate as a residential user with the same IP address for as long as you require.

What are static residential proxies used for?

Static IP proxies are mostly used when IP rotation is not a viable option. With some targets, changing IP addresses could lead to blocks or bans, therefore you need a static IP proxy service.

Also, companies often look for information about static vs rotating proxies to help them decide which solution is best for web scraping.

Why do I need a static IP proxy?

Static IP proxies are assigned by Internet Service Provider (ISP) and combine the best features of both residential and datacenter proxies. ISP proxies ensure high anonymity and top speed for your tasks. You no longer need to compare residential vs datacenter proxies, and you can now have the best of both!

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