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SEO monitoring allows companies to track their results and progress in search engine result page (SERP) rankings. With large volumes of SERPs data, businesses can analyze specific aspects of SEO strategies to gain insight into search engine algorithms.  Proxies for SEO monitoring are the engine of scraping tools that help companies track their search engine optimization strategy's effectiveness.

Challenges you may face:

SERP data acquisition

Reliable data sources

Localized results

SEO monitoring challenges

Monitoring SERP data requires reliable sources, a constant flow of information and the ability to get specialized results.

SERP data acquisition

Creating insights for search engine optimization strategies requires fresh and accurate search engine result page data.

Possible risks

Due to the volatile nature of SERPs, a constant flow of new data is required in order to draw conclusions.

How can we help?

Our Real-Time Crawler, powered by SEO proxies, can collect SERP data at scale and in real-time.

Reliable data sources

Maintaining a consistent flow of precise data is a vital aspect of creating SEO insights. Search engines constantly push out layout, feature, and algorithm updates which can break parsing and scraping tools.

Possible risks

Only reliable and adaptive SEO monitoring software can provide a consistent flow of data.

How can we help?

All layout, feature and algorithm changes are handled by our data acquisition tools and dedicated teams.

Localized results

Constantly keeping an eye on SERP rankings from many different locations is vital to developing an effective SEO strategy. Therefore, an important part of every SEO monitoring tool is a large proxy pool with varied locations.

Possible risks

SERPs provide different data based on location, device, language and other factors

How can we help?

Our tools employ a global pool of locations that allow you to acquire precise and accurate data.

Choose Real-Time Crawler for SEO monitoring

Real-Time Crawler is an out-of-the-box heavy-duty data acquisition tool powered by SEO proxies. This SERP data scraping tool helps with your SEO monitoring tasks:

  • 100% success rate* for data delivery from search engines

  • Get fresh SERP data from any location and device

  • Save resources and focus on data analysis rather than extraction

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Added benefits of Real-Time Crawler

100% success rate

Extract reliable data from most search engines.

Global location coverage

Get SERPs from any location in the world.

24/7 support

Receive assistance from our dedicated teams around the clock.

Data in JSON or HTML

Receive data either in ready-to-use JSON or unstructured HTML format.

Zero maintenance

Real-Time Crawler automatically solves IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.

Highly scalable and customizable

Simple to integrate and supports batch requests.

* Pay only for pages with a response status code 200 with a body text containing "status": "done".

Oxylabs client story

Reducing data acquisition costs for search intelligence company

One of our clients needed to gather large quantities of pricing intelligence data from e-commerce websites. They already had an in-house web scraper built upon residential proxies, but it was not enough to achieve their goals.


The company was looking to cut the costs that went to their web scraper maintenance, solving CAPTCHAs, development, and data parsing.


With Real-Time Crawler, our clients cut their overall data acquisition costs by 55%. They saved money on maintenance and development.

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