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Learn More About Augustas Pelakauskas

Senior Copywriter at Oxylabs

Augustas Pelakauskas is a Senior Copywriter at Oxylabs. Coming from an artistic background, he is deeply invested in various creative ventures – the most recent being writing. After testing his abilities in the field of freelance journalism, he transitioned to tech content creation. 

From (geo)politics and history to military, tech, and space industries, Augustas can’t stay uninformed about domestic, global, and interstellar affairs even for an hour. 

When at ease, he enjoys sunny outdoors and active recreation. As soon as the temperature allows and the frosty winter winds clear the way for spring, you can find Augustas cycling around his hometown with friends. As it turns out, his bicycle is his fourth best friend.

When the harsh seasonalities force Augustas to stay home, he indulges himself in conventional visual arts, DIY, photo editing, and cinema.

Web Scraper API Quick Start Guide

In this quick start guide, we introduce Web Scraper API and explain how it works. Explore integration methods, queries, their parameters, and response codes.


3 min read

The Role of Competitive Intelligence in Business Development

This free white paper provides a general overview of competitive intelligence processes, application scenarios, and their impact on business development.


1 min read

How to Scrape Home Depot Data: Step-by-Step Guide

As results prove, pairing Python and Home Depot Scraper API is a seamless way to collect Home Depot data and avoid common web scraping-associated challenges.


3 min read

How to Scrape Google Trends Data With Python

The main steps for scraping Google Trends data with Python and SERP Scraper API are installing libraries, sending a request, and saving the retrieved data in CSV.


3 min read

Continuous Scroll in Google Search: What It Is & How to Handle It in Web Scraping

Dynamic web pages like Google SERPs with continuous scroll require advanced web scraping solutions such as Oxylabs SERP Scraper API.


2 min read

5 Main Web Scraping Challenges & Solutions

Web scraping presents plenty of challenges. Thankfully, solutions are abundant with various data extraction libraries, proxies, custom approaches, and all-inclusive third-party services.


6 min read

Using Real-Time Public Data for Competitive Advantage in Travel Industry

An action chain of processes and solutions for public web data collection in the travel industry.


1 min read

How to Send HTTP Headers With cURL

This guide covers various aspects of sending and receiving HTTP headers using cURL. The content discloses tips for use cases and discusses troubleshooting cURL header issues.


4 min read

What Is Data as a Service (DaaS) & How It Helps

Learn what Data as a Service (DaaS) is, how it works, what role it plays in business development, and what to consider when choosing your own DaaS provider.


5 min read

How to Scrape Product Data From Wayfair: A Step-by-Step Guide

A step-by-step tutorial on extracting data from Wayfair’s product pages at scale and in real time. The guide details actionable code and considers various aspects before and during the scraping process.


6 min read

How to Scrape Best Buy Product Data: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Learn how to extract data from Best Buy product pages at scale and in real time with Best Buy Scraper API. The API automates the underlying processes and delivers ready-to-use data.


3 min read

Web Crawler: Where to Start & How It Works

Web Crawler allows you to explore and collect data quickly and efficiently using our maintenance-free infrastructure.


3 min read

How AI Is Changing the Web Scraping Landscape

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of how AI and its subfield, machine learning, shape the current trends in web scraping.


1 min read

Playwright vs Puppeteer: The Differences

Find out how Playwright and Puppeteer stack up against each other in particular scenarios, including web scraping.


4 min read

AI-Driven Web Scraping Companion: Introducing Web Unblocker

Next-Gen Residential Proxies has evolved into Web Unblocker. Find out the core features and functionalities of our newly updated proxy solution.


2 min read

How to Run Python Script as a Service (Windows & Linux)

From Linux daemons to Windows services, this guide will detail the process of setting up Python script as a service in a few simple steps.


5 min read

Automated Web Scraper With Python & Windows Task Scheduler

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up Windows Task Scheduler to schedule a Python web scraping script automatically & periodically.


5 min read

Web Scraping With R Using Rvest Tutorial

A tutorial that covers the basics of web scraping static and dynamic web pages using R programming language and rvest library.


11 min read

How to Make HTTP Requests in Node.js With Fetch API

A step-by-step tutorial on making HTTP requests in Node.js with Fetch API, detailing the actionable code and a comparison to Axios.


4 min read

New Cost-Effective Proxy Solution: Introducing Shared Datacenter Proxies

As of today, our Datacenter Proxies are represented by two solutions: Shared and Dedicated Datacenter Proxies. As a customer, two distinct products will allow you to increase the effectiveness of public data collection processes by providing more flexibility in making a choice.


2 min read

Shared Datacenter Proxies Quick Start Guide

Keen to find out all things about Shared Datacenter Proxies? You’ve come to the right place. This quick start guide will provide all the information you need to get up and running. Let’s get started!


4 min read

Web Scraping With RegEx

RegEx stands for Regular Expressions, a method to match specific patterns depending on the provided combinations, which can be used as filters to get the desired output.


3 min read

Real-Time Price Monitoring System Architecture

This white paper provides an action chain for price monitoring, from collecting target URLs to data parsing, along with tips and explanations on the most important elements and processes.


1 min read

How to Build a Price Tracker With Python

This article explains how to build a scalable price tracker for immediate deployment to various eCommerce sites.


5 min read

How to Use Wget With Proxy

This article will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing and downloading files using Wget with or without proxies, covering multiple scenarios and showcasing practical examples.


6 min read

Web Scraping With PHP

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of writing various PHP web scraping routines that can extract public data from static and dynamic web pages.


11 min read

Building a Web Scraper in Golang

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of writing a fast and efficient Golang web scraper that can extract public data from a target website.


9 min read

Web Scraping With Ruby

A tutorial that covers the basics of web scraping static and dynamic web pages using Ruby programming language.


8 min read

What Is a Web Session and How Is It Used in Web Scraping?

This article will give you a general overview of web sessions, their relation to cookies, and their use in web scraping.


5 min read

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