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Jun 19, 2019 6 min read

It’s quite easy to make a claim that almost every business has gone online, and with them, the competition grew exponentially. Carefully calculating how to make the right decisions when creating a business plan has never been so crucial, no matter if it’s for a small or large business. And simply “scoping out” how your competitors manage their companies and trying to sort of copy them is frankly not good enough. What’s to be done then?

Nowadays, data extraction practices shouldn’t come as a surprise to you (especially if you subscribe to our monthly blog newsletter, where we provide you with data gathering tips and trends no one else gets to see!).

Data gathering, and especially using proxies for market research data collection has been around as a solution for quite some time now. If you look up “data for market research” at Google Trends, you will see that the worldwide interest has been overall substantial and growing search trend for over five years now!

Google trends on market research

Therefore, not being involved in this game is clearly not an option. Data gathering can be done in a variety of ways, but the most prominent of ways is by using proxies, and/or data extraction tools.

But which proxies are the best for this particular case? This article aims to answer precisely this question. Let’s jump right in.

How proxies work

Let’s first fully understand how proxies for market research work. We covered what is a proxy in great detail already, but let’s briefly go over here as well:

What is a proxy?

A proxy acts as an intermediary between you and the internet. When you’re using a proxy server, your request runs through the proxy server (which changes your IP address) first, and only then connects to the website.

So to put it simply, when using a proxy server, your internet request travels through the proxy server first, and only then connects to online resources.

Using a proxy server explained

A proxy has its own IP address, and when your internet requests are processed via a proxy server, it simply handles your web request on your behalf. Once a proxy server collects the response from the web servers, it passes it to you, ensuring enhanced levels of anonymity, as your real IP address is not exposed.

Now, when using multiple proxies, you will be able to scrape your sources without being blocked and gather the data you require. There are plenty of reasons to use proxies to collect data for business, but as you know, we’re here to talk about proxies for market research.

Our recommendations: best proxies for market research

There are several types of proxies and data gathering solutions that one can look into, but when it comes to market research, the best proxies are:

Data Center Proxies & Residential Proxies

One of our seasoned, dedicated account managers, Jonas Jokubauskas, gives us an insight into what one should consider when picking the right proxies:

Oxylabs' Account Manager - Jonas Jokubauskas

“When choosing between residential or data center proxies, there are more than a few factors that need to be considered. However, I would say it primarily depends on the breadth and variety of websites that are identified as the best sources to provide actionable insights. If the sites are scattered around the globe, a high range of localized IPs would be of great importance.

Residential proxies give unmatched flexibility when choosing any location globally. On the other hand, data center proxies are second to none in terms of response times, despite the recent residential proxy innovations.”

What proxies our clients choose?

Even though residential proxies have more locations, the most popular pick for our customers is data center proxies due to their incredible response times. And mind you, Oxylabs data center proxies still cover a big part of the globe, so it is probably no coincidence that they are our client favorites.

Let’s take a closer look at how data center proxies compare to residential proxies:

This is an image comparing Oxylabs' data center and residential proxies

So how data center proxies actually hold up against residential proxies?

  • They are fast
    Data center proxies are much faster than residential proxies, so you don’t end up wasting your time waiting to connect.
  • They are dedicated
    Although most proxy providers offer shared proxies to their clients, we don’t do that and offer only dedicated proxies, therefore with Oxylabs data center proxies, and you can expect 99% uptime, being as reliable as residential proxies themselves.
  • They are cost-efficient
    Data center proxies require little to no maintenance. We’ve automated many features, including IP rotation, allowing you to cut costs dramatically on your data extraction monitoring and maintenance.

If you’re interested in learning how to integrate data center proxies, check out our GitHub page.

Using data center proxies for market research has proved to be the most effective and reliable option for many Oxylabs clients, and was notably used throughout 2019, Q1 period.

Choosing the Right Proxies for Market Research #2

You can see here that overall requests volume increased by a significant 22.33% in comparison to Q4, 2018, and the highest increase in a number of requests was recorded in February.

Wrapping up

Data gathering for market research is a common practice amongst businesses for some time now. Therefore, using the right proxies for market research and having a stable infrastructure is nearly a necessity.

Data center proxies are our clients’ favorite pick, but if you need to cover more locations – residential proxies are our top recommendation to go with. However, if you’re still not sure which is the best product for your business, contact us at [email protected], and our fantastic account manager and sales team will get you sorted!


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