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Feb 13, 2020 5 min read

Proxies are undoubtedly the ultimate tool for gathering data from online sources. The most popular proxies for this process are considered to be residential and data center proxies. However, proxies are just tools – albeit necessary for the scraping process, success still largely depends on how much knowledge and experience those engaging in scraping operations have.

Their biggest downside? They need to be managed and maintained. Of course, that is not an issue for those who have already built a proxy infrastructure of their own. But even then, infrastructures need to be maintained and updated – this requires extra resources and time. 

But what if you could simply forget all this hassle? All the management and handling would be taken off your hands, and done by dedicated proxy experts… like us? This is why our development team created a little something to ease the workload for our clients, and this little something is called Next-Gen Residential Proxies

What are Next-Gen Residential Proxies?

Next-Gen stands for, of course, next generation. More than just an empty buzzword, this name was chosen for a reason. Oxylabs’ Next-Gen Residential Proxies offer unique features, such as:

  • Parsed output in JSON.
  • AI-powered anti-captcha technology.
  • Multiple auto-retry methods.

These features make Next-Gen Residential Proxies stand out amongst any other proxies, making them a one-of-a-kind solution for data gathering. Let’s get a little more familiar with the overall benefits of this solution:

  • The AI-powered anti-captcha solution allows any user to forget struggling with captchas and IP bans.
  • Multiple auto-retry methods allow every request being made to be pushed to its limits to achieve the highest success rates.
  • No need for in-house proxy management allows the client to save resources (as all of the work will be done on our side, by proxy experts). This includes handling user agents and rotating IPs, to gather data from multiple targets successfully.
  • Best of all, you’ll only be charged in case of successful data retrieval.
Near-future updates for Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Near-future updates for Next-Gen Residential Proxies

This solution is quite new in the market, and there are still so many things we want it to be! Our development team is working hard to make it an exceptional product, so here’s what updates you should look forward to in the upcoming months: 

  • HTML parsing – provide us your target URLs, and we’ll send the parsed data back to you in HTML.
  • POST requests – create and send POST requests.
  • Session control – set a time limit for a session to hold your IP.
  • Custom cookie management – boost your scraping with customized cookies.

Why choose Next-Gen Residential Proxies?

We already listed the benefits, however, do you really need Next-Gen Residential Proxies for your scraping jobs? According to our PO, Mindaugas Dunderis, there are quite a few reasons why they should be considered as a choice:

Mindaugas Dunderis, PO at Oxylabs
Mindaugas Dunderis, PO at Oxylabs

The most significant difference between basic proxies and Next-Gen Residential Proxies is that the former requires management and maintenance. However, Next-Gen Residential Proxies are super easy to integrate, and the whole work process becomes a lot more resource-efficient. 

What’s more, with Next-Gen Residential Proxies, you’ll have access to multiple geo-locations for the same initial price, unlike, let’s say, with data center proxies, where further costs would be involved. With this solution, we only charge for the number of HTML pages (not the traffic costs). Not to mention, part of our infrastructure is built on real browsers to guarantee 100% success.

Nevertheless, the best things are yet to come. Currently, we’re developing new features that will enhance Next-Gen Residential Proxies, and they’ll have pretty much unlimited customization options. You’ll be able to create and maintain sessions, reuse cookies and headers, and POST content. We will do everything needed to guarantee the highest success rate possible. We already support content parsing for some websites, which means that you will receive cleaned and processed data that is ready to use

The new features are already being tested with a few of our clients, and the development process is reaching its final steps, so it will not be long before we see some updates! 

Prepare for the expanding data market

According to Oxylabs’ Data Analysis Department’s 2020 Trend Report, based on the data of over 500 Oxylabs’ clients, the overall growth of request volume was substantial in comparison to 2019. Data center proxy requests grew by 23%, while residential proxies growth was even more significant and reached 165%

This increasing demand for data by businesses worldwide makes it clear that proxy solutions are becoming the primary method of data gathering from online sources. Next-Gen Residential Proxies would be a good starting point to keep up with the trends if you don’t already have a proxy infrastructure. You can download the very detailed 20-pager report for free from The Rising Demand for Data: Oxylabs’ 2020 Trend Report to learn more about what the future holds for data scraping. 

Scraping solutions to keep in mind

Each proxy type or proxy solution works best with specific use cases. Even though Next-Gen Proxies are great for most of them, they are currently best for smaller target websites. When you need to scraper large targets, like e-commerce and search engine websites, Real-Time Crawler is the more suitable choice.

If you’d like to learn more about this tool, check out our blog post on what it is and Real-Time Crawler’s recently made enhancements, where we go more in-depth about this complex and powerful tool. 


Driven by demand for data, the proxy market is expanding at an increasingly quick pace. Likewise, proxy solutions need to improve and grow alongside these changes. Having all of this in mind, Oxylabs’ created Next-Gen Residential Proxies, a powerful solution for a maturing proxy market. 

If you’re curious to learn more and see how Next-Gen Residential Proxies work for you, contact our sales or creating your very own Oxylabs’ account. Take note that if you’re signing up on behalf of a company, you will be eligible for a 7-day free trial.


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