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Adaptive Parser: Intelligent Feature for E-Commerce

Unlock structured data from 1000+ e-commerce product pages with AI-powered Adaptive Parser.

  • Detect product data automatically 

  • Increase scalability of data extraction

  • Analyze data without hassle


Automated product data detection

Thanks to the advanced technologies, Adaptive Parser can adapt to nearly any e-commerce product page, regardless of the structure of HTML code used. Our ML-based feature automatically detects product data such as title, discount, price, availability, and description, no matter page structure adjustments.

Extract product data at scale

Our Adaptive Parser employs AI-powered fingerprinting and automated e-commerce page field detection, and provides structured product data in JSON format. With our Adaptive Parser, you will be able to collect large volumes of data efficiently.

Focus on data analysis rather than data parsing

Struggling to collect data effectively might result in a lack of time for what matters most – data analysis. Here’s where Adaptive Parser comes with a solution. The tool ensures easy access to product data from 1000+ e-commerce product pages and stable result delivery, leaving no room for a tedious data gathering process. 

Added benefits of Adaptive Parser

Make data analysis easier

Gather product data in a structured format and integrate seamlessly with data analysis tools.

Access data at scale without a hassle

Scale up your product data streams with a single tool.

Don't waste time building parsers

Use one product parser for all targets without any additional development.

Martynas Juravičius

Lead Data Analyst @ Oxylabs

We spent a lot of time gathering data to create really generalized models. Now the Parser works more robustly, steadily and accurately.

A word from the team

Here at Oxylabs, we have entire teams dedicated to innovating and improving our work processes and products. 

Staying on innovation's frontlines with our Advisory board's help


Adi Andrei

Lead Senior Data Scientist


Pujaa Rajan

ML Engineer


Ali Chaundry

PhD Researcher, AI


Jonas Kubilius

Senior AI Engineer

three thirds

Gautam Kedia

ML Engineering Manager

Choose Web Unblocker or Scraper APIs for advanced web scraping

Web Unblocker

Our AI-powered proxy solution significantly eases the process of accessing public data from even the most difficult sites.

  • Extract pricing data regardless of website design

  • Collect information without blocks or CAPTCHAs 

  • Monitor prices around the globe

Real-Time Crawler logo

Scraper APIs

Our ready-to-use data API that requires zero maintenance. This tool is tailored for extracting product data from e-commerce websites. 

  • Easily collect data from leading e-commerce websites

  • Receive product information in real-time

  • Collect pricing information at large scale

Added benefits of Web Unblocker

No more blocks

Bypass advanced anti-bot systems with AI-powered features

Worldwide geotargeting

Use 102M+ proxy pool to access content in almost any country

Human-like browsing

See content as a real user with the dynamic browser fingerprinting technology

Added benefits of Scraper APIs

Structured results in JSON format

Structured results in JSON format

Receive ready-to-use, structured data in JSON format


Zero maintenance

Forget IP blocks and CAPTCHAs


Highly scalable and customizable

Easy to integrate, supports high volume of requests

Scale up your business with Oxylabs®