The Story Behind Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Proudly presented by Oxylabs team, supported by the AI & ML advisory board

Disrupting the proxy space with AI & ML

Next-Gen Residential Proxies have been a master project by the sharpest minds in the data science field. The result - AI & ML powered solution ensures effortless web data gathering experience.

  • Backed by NASA, Google, ULC & MIT minds

  • 10+ years of experience within proxy market

  • One-of-a-kind revolutionary solution

Masterminds behind Next-Gen Residential Proxies

To push the limits of Next-Gen Residential Proxies, we formed a board of advisors, who are experts in the fields of data science, engineering, and AI.

Adi Andrei

Over 20 years of experience with AI & ML technology, research software engineer at NASA, senior data scientist at Unilever and British Gas

MSc in Engineering Science
Louisiana State University

Pujaa Rajan

USA Ambassador for Women in AI, Deep Learning Engineer at, ML Expert Google Developer

BSc Degree in Information Science
Cornell University

Ali Chaudhry

Artificial Intelligence Consultant at UCL and Founder of Reinforcement Learning Community

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Education UCL
Graduate Diploma from Harvard Extension School

Jonas Kubilius

AI Researcher, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Alumnus, and Co-Founder of Three Thirds

BSc Degree in Mathematics and Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MSc in Artificial Intelligence, KU Leuven

Gautam Kedia

Over 10 years of experience in production ML systems as Applied Scientist Lead at Microsoft and Head of Applied ML at Lyft

Masters degree in Information Networking and Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University

A chance to join a forward-thinking company, dedicated to introducing groundbreaking technologies is an exciting opportunity. I look forward to seeing where this journey will take us.

Pujaa Rajan

Women in AI, USA Ambassador

Proxy Experts - Oxylabs Team

Julius Cerniauskas

CEO at Oxylabs

Striving for innovation is at the core of our company. Constant improvement of our services comes as a response to the needs of our valued partners. This keeps Oxylabs at the top of the game.

Aleksandras Sulzenko

Next-Gen Residential Proxies Product Owner

In the proxy industry we saw the consequences of inadequate data gathering approaches. The proxies would get banned and our clients' operations would grind to a halt. That is why we are thrilled to introduce an AI-powered solution, based on machine learning algorithms, which guarantees 100% success rate, even for the most complex targets.

Proxy, AI & ML gurus

We brought together a team of data scientists, developers, machine learning experts and challenged them to fix the problem as old as the web scraping industry itself - recurring blocks in the web data gathering process.

New ways of thinking

To solve this challenge once and for all we needed to look at this creatively. We combined two schools of thought - proxy experts and AI & ML specialists to break the old patterns of thinking. And so, the most intensive creation process began.

Many experts, one goal

No stone was left unturned in the quest to create this foolproof solution. After spending countless hours of brainstorming and analyzing interrupted scraping sessions, the technology behind Next-Gen Residential Proxies was born.

The impact of AI & ML to data collection

100% success rate* for data extraction

AI & ML powered solutions in proxy services ensure smooth web scraping sessions.

AI-powered dynamic fingerprinting

Included AI-powered fingerprinting evades blocks by adopting the organic user’s behavior.

Adaptive parsing using ML algorithms

Integrated ML algorithms will allow to effortlessly parse high-quality data from specific domains.

* All results, containing a 200 response code “done”, have the requested data

Next steps for the Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Response validation

Our solution powered by ML algorithms will effortlessly determine if the data source is blocked, evaluate the extent and quality of data, as well as take care of retry requests.

Continuous improvements

Oxylabs will continuously work on improving Adaptive Parser. From small bug fixes, updates via client feedback, to expanding parsing capabilities to other website pages.

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