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Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

  • Average uptime of 99.9%

  • Superior performance with any scale project

  • One of the largest 2M+ Dedicated Datacenter Proxy pools


bandwidth & domains







Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Unlimited concurrent sessions for easy scalability

Other proxy IP address providers limit the number of concurrent sessions, making it difficult to scale up. With our Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, send an unlimited amount of concurrent sessions with no bandwidth or target limitations. Dedicated IPs are perfect for market research and brand protection. With high uptime and low price, Dedicated Datacenter Proxies is a cost-effective and reliable web monitoring solution.

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Zero bandwidth and target limitations

Largest Dedicated Datacenter Proxy pool

Oxylabs Dedicated Datacenter Proxy pool of over 2M proxies is the largest pool of Dedicated Datacenter Proxies in the market. Easily access geo-restricted content in 188 countries, whether city or state-specific. And to ensure our Dedicated Datacenter Proxies are compatible with your desired target domains, we select and test all of the proxies before you start using them.

  • 2M+ Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

  • 188 available countries

  • Pre-selected and tested proxies

  • City and state-level selection

Hassle-free Dedicated Datacenter Proxy integration

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies are easy to integrate with 3rd party software, such as proxy IP address management tools for browsers. For an easier integration process, 3rd party integrations have tutorials in our documentation. Not to mention, all of our Dedicated Datacenter Proxies support IPv4 and IPv6 protocols for more scraping possibilities.


curl -x -U "USER:PASS"

Very good company. Really amazing proxy service, fast response, and good proxies. Thanks!

Sam Azzam - Ray

Oxylabs customer

With the help of Oxylabs, we expanded into previously inaccessible regions and acquired hard-to-reach business data.

Web Robots

Oxylabs customer

Reliable proxy provider. Account managers are 100% professional and helpful with every possible issue. Not that we had a lot of issues.

Michel Emass

Oxylabs customer

Very good company. Really amazing proxy service, fast response, and good proxies. Thanks!

Sam Azzam - Ray

Oxylabs customer

With the help of Oxylabs, we expanded into previously inaccessible regions and acquired hard-to-reach business data.

Web Robots

Oxylabs customer

What others say about Oxylabs® Dedicated Datacenter Proxies?

We strive to create the best customer experience for our valued partners. Though individual results may vary, we work every day to earn our client’s trust and help them succeed.

Try Oxylabs Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Superior performance for block-free scraping

Complete IP control

Get total control and ownership of your IPs’ acceptability, trust, and health.

No limitations

No bandwidth, target or concurrency limitations.

Exceptional performance

Market leading 99.9% uptime, high speeds, and performance for big-scale scraping jobs.

Replace IPs anytime

Replace IPs from a specific subnet in your existing proxy list with Datacenter Proxy API.

Multiple protocols

Scrape without strict port limitations as Dedicated Datacenter Proxies support HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols.

Proxy rotation

Use Proxy Rotator to switch your IP address while still connected to a server to stay block free.


Buy dedicated proxies and protect your personal information with an encryption

Unlimited bandwidth and domains

Avg. 99.9% uptime

Low response time



Starting from $1.80 / IP*

$180 + VAT billed monthly

Most Popular



Starting from $1.60 / IP*

$800 + VAT billed monthly



Starting from $1.50 / IP*

$1,500 + VAT billed monthly


Starts from:


Custom price per IP


IPs included in plan (USA or other countries)
100 IPs in USAOR

~60 IPs elsewhere*

500 IPs in USAOR

~285 IPs elsewhere*


~577 IPs elsewhere*

5K+ IPs in USAOR

2.5K+ IPs elsewhere*

Bandwidth and concurrent sessions
24/7 support
Dedicated Account Manager

10% off

Yearly plans discount

For all our plans by paying yearly. Contact customer support to learn more.

* Price per IP and number of IPs may vary based on IP location, target, and other factors.

With no additional fees & included in the price:

Advice on target scraping

Proxy know-how sharing

Usage stats dashboard

Session control

Dedicated Account Manager

24/7 live support

Frequently asked questions

What is a dedicated proxy?

Dedicated proxies are proxies that are used by only one user and are not shared with anyone else. They might also be called private proxies.

Are proxies illegal?

Web scraping activity may be legal in cases where it is done without breaching any laws regarding the source targets or data itself.

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What are different types of proxies?

There are different types of proxies, the most common ones, in terms of their origin, being residential and datacenter proxies. Some of the proxy IP address you might see online were created for marketing based reasons rather than actually being a separate technical type. Nevertheless, some of them offer optimizations for specific uses or other improvements.

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Do you offer a Dedicated Datacenter Proxies free trial?

You don't have to buy Dedicated Proxies to test them. We provide a chance to test our Dedicated Proxy IPs for free. To access it, find the “Request free trial” button on our website and fill in the contact form. You can also contact us directly at Note that the free trial can only be used once.

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