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70M+ global next generation proxies

Using Oxylabs' Next-Gen Residential Proxies means working with one of the most stable and fast proxy pools' of over 70 million IP addresses found in a variety of geo-locations globally. Thanks to its advanced technologies, you are sure to maintain your online anonymity, as well as accomplish smooth and effective block-free scraping for even the most challenging data gathering jobs out there.


Leading-edge Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Oxylabs' Next-Gen Residential Proxies employ HTML parsing based on machine learning algorithms. They are also fitted with an AI-powered anti-captcha solution, making captchas and IP bans a thing of the past. Go ahead and gather even the most complex data with confidence. Next-Gen Residential Proxies also employ multiple auto-retry methods, allowing every request you make to be pushed to its limits to achieve the highest success rates.


Next-level solution that's easy to use

With Next-Gen Residential Proxies, there's no need to deal with proxy management and use up your valuable resources, as all of it will be done on our side. This includes handling user agents and rotating IPs to successfully gather data from multiple targets. Simply provide us your target URLs, and we'll send back the parsed data in HTML. Not to mention, you'll only be charged if the data retrieval was successful.

Coming soon to Oxylabs'® Next-Gen Residential Proxies

POST requests

Create and send POST requests.

Session control

Set a time limit for a session to hold your IP.

Custom cookie management

Boost scraping with customized cookies.

Why businesses choose Oxylabs'® Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Smart business solution

Oxylabs' Next-Gen Residential Proxies employ smart technologies to achieve high success rates.

Hassle-free integration

Oxylabs' Next-Gen Residential Proxies let you forget proxy management, as all of it is done on our side.

Perfect for multiple targets

Our Next-Gen Residential Proxies excel when used for scraping multiple target websites.

Multiple geo-locations

The access to a large variety of geo-locations allows you to use these proxies for multiple use cases.

Fair price

With Next-Gen Residential Proxies, you'll be charged only if your data retrieval operation was successful.

24/7 live support

No matter the time of the day, be sure to get answers when you need them.


Gabriele Amirzian

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Next-Gen Residential Proxies is a scraping solution like no other. It employs HTML parsing based on machine learning algorithms. This solution is also fitted with an AI-powered anti-captcha, guaranteeing you no IP blocks and smooth scraping.


Rokas Brazinskas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Employing Next-Gen Residential Proxies simply saves a lot of your resources, as all of the proxy management is done by our team. This allows you to work on your scraping projects without needing to have extensive proxy knowledge and a large proxy expert team.

A word from your dedicated account manager

By choosing to work with our Next-Gen Residential Proxies, you get your very own dedicated account manager.

We have worked with Oxylabs for almost 4 years, and the experience is great. Many years of excellent service, great proxies. Not just their tech services, but also their customer service - they always are very helpful and polite.

Oxylabs 10/10

Great customer service, truly 24/7 support. Great documentation along with competitive pricing. The proxies work as described and have never had any problems with them.

Oxylabs is an excellent company

The Oxylabs company is excellent! I have been using their services for the last 3 months and I have never had a second of downtime. The customer support is one of the better I have seen with companies that sell bandwidth.

Great partner

Oxylabs provides customers with very high quality and efficient service, they are the partner worthy of long-term cooperation and trust.

New feature!

Fast and easy access to over 70M+ residential proxies.