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walmart 429 too many requests

Walmart 429 Too Many Requests - Meaning & Fix

When scraping Walmart, you may have to deal with various operational hiccups, and the 429 error is one of them. See below to learn about its reason and possible solutions, or save time and avoid errors altogether with Walmart Product API.

Walmart 429 Too Many Requests - Meaning & Fix

The cause of the Walmart 429 error

If your scraper sends an overwhelming number of requests to the Walmart website within a specific time frame, you may trigger the 429 Too Many Requests error.

This is a result of Rate Limiting, a technique used by websites to prevent visitors from overloading their servers with frequent requests, ensuring stable and secure overall website performance.


How to fix Walmart 429 Too Many Requests

Use proxy servers

The easiest way to solve the 429 error when scraping Walmart is to use a sizable pool of proxy servers and pick a different proxy for every request your scraper makes. As Walmart will see calls coming from different IP addresses, you will be able to avoid various detection methods without limiting the scale of your operations.

Limit the number of requests

Limit your requests

Although not the ideal solution as it may decrease your scraping scale, in most cases, an effective workaround is to:

Less requests

Send less requests

Reduce the number of requests your scraper sends.

Pause requests

Pause requests

Pause the requests temporarily and retry the last one later.

Use and rotate different HTTP header sets

Mimic real browser requests

Web browsers send a diverse range of HTTP headers; hence, if your scraper doesn’t, it stands out and is more easily detected. To bypass Walmart 429 error, you should:

Rotate sets of headers

Rotate sets of headers

Rotate a great deal of different HTTP header sets, or at the very least, sets of common headers.

Use cookies

Use cookies

Integrate HTTP cookie-handling techniques to further boost your scraper's anonymity.

Utilize a browser

Utilize a browser

Opt for a headless browser over manual header management for the best outcome.

Forget blocks – use Walmart Product API

Take your projects to the next level with ready-to-use Walmart Product API. Scale as much as you need, get parsed data, and easily bypass Walmart 429 errors, IP bans, and CAPTCHAs. 

Proxy management

Automatic ML-driven proxy handling with access to a proxy pool covering 195 countries.

Custom parameters

Freely modify how the API handles scraping for your specific use case with custom headers and cookies.

AI-powered fingerprinting

Chooses optimal IP addresses, headers, cookies, and WebRTC properties to overcome anti-scraping systems.

Automatic retries

Our infrastructure automatically retries failed requests with different scraping parameters for successful data retrieval.

Headless Browser

Render JavaScript-heavy websites with a single line of code, execute browser actions, and retrieve accurate data.

Custom Parser

Create your own logic to parse and process data and receive parsed results in JSON format.

Web Crawler

Completely crawl any site, choose the most useful content, and retrieve data in bulk.


Automatically submit API jobs at any schedule, automate data delivery, and receive notifications.

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