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Denis Zyk

Golang Developer at Oxylabs

Denis Zyk works in Oxylabs’ OxySERPs team as a Golang Developer. With 12+ years of software engineering experience, he has gained valuable experience in such domains as vehicle tech inspection automation, tax management systems orchestration, and cutting-edge e-commerce solution development. He has seen and tackled numerous challenges while working with multiple platforms and integrations, architectures varying from on-prem monoliths to distributed cloud microservices and serverless implementations.

Learn more about Denis' presentation

Cracking the Code: Overcoming Blocks in Large-Scale Web Scraping

As successful companies strive for growth, bumping into scalability roadblocks is almost inevitable. While larger operations promise more revenue, they also introduce more workflow complexity. This presentation will delve into the specific challenges that companies face when upscaling their web scraping processes. Denis will share his extensive knowledge on how to expand operations while maintaining focus on scalability. 

Tune into his presentation to learn about:

  • Scalable architecture design;

  • Handling dynamic content;

  • IP restriction management for large-scale operations.