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Ali Chaudhry

Founder and CEO at Veracious

Ali Chaudhry is the Founder and CEO of Veracious, a generative AI startup building the next generation of AI tools for knowledge workers. He has worked with a number of companies in fin-tech, ed-tech, and health-tech, helping them develop and deploy AI-powered products. Ali is also an executive educator with the University of California Berkeley and Imperial College London for AI and ML programs.

Learn more about Ali's panel discussion:

Web Scraping in 2023 and Beyond

The year 2023 has been truly eventful for web scraping. From gripping AI/ML advancements to industry giants cracking down on data access, we’re left wondering: What will the future of web scraping look like? We invited a panel of experts to discuss this year’s trends and how they will shape the industry. This session is a great opportunity to gain insights from diverse perspectives within the industry, igniting inspiration for future projects. Join to learn:

  • The effects of LLM and AI on web data gathering;

  • Whether web scraping is becoming more closed;

  • Multilingual AI and data extraction across non-English regions such as Asia and Latin America;

  • Employing AI to scrape as well as detect fake information and news.