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Alexander Lebedev

Software Engineer at Hotjar

Alexander Lebedev is a Software Engineer from Ukraine currently working at Hotjar. He counts 8 years of experience in software development, 6 of which he dedicated to web scraping. As an ardent data enthusiast, he also likes to work on open-source data extraction projects, earning him a GitHub badge. Before getting into software development, he spent 7 years in digital marketing as an analyst and project manager, making him a well-rounded professional with diverse perspectives.

Learn more about Alexander's presentation:

Accelerating Data-On-Demand Services With Async Python and AWS

Speed and accuracy are undoubtedly core prerequisites for web data gathering operations. As such, developers are racking their brains as to how to accelerate their web services and bring the most value. In this talk, Alexander will share his extensive experience creating data-on-demand web services, ranging from video analytics to AI-powered assistants. For him, the goal is to get maximum requests per second with rotating proxies and async Python libraries in the AWS cloud.

Join Alexander's presentation to learn about: 

  • Python async libraries making data extraction lightning-fast;

  • Stable crawling with limits and token buckets;

  • Scaling on-demand extraction with AWS Fargate.