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Javier Velandia

RA Product Manager @ Appgate

Javier Velandia is an electronics engineer with postgraduate studies in Enterprise Software Architecture, IT & new technologies law, a master’s degree in business administration, and a master's candidature in applied analytics. He’s passionate about study and research, especially in topics related to software development, innovation, and cybersecurity.

During the last 5 years, Javier has led cybersecurity products, including cyber threat management and risk-based authentication, participating in developing countermeasures against a wide range of cyber-attacks.

In his master's thesis, he addresses the problem of identifying phishing websites that try to hide their footprints from cybersecurity teams.

Learn more about Javier's presentation:

Cybercriminal Footprint Erasure: Response Strategies

Like legitimate companies, fraudulent businesses have made notable progress in identifying and accessing their target audience while also evading unwanted web page visits by cyber defense systems. As part of this strategy, it's normal for phishing websites to restrict access for certain device types, connection attempts from specific geo-locations, and automated systems, such as scrapers, bots, and spiders.

During the presentation, Javier will explore:

  • Tactics cybercriminals use to hide their fraudulent pages from security systems;

  • Methods of dealing with these obscuring measures;

  • Next steps in the never-ending war between cyber fraudsters and cybersecurity companies.