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Allen O’Neill

Co-founder at

Allen O’Neil is a co-founder at, a chartered engineer, a Fellow of the British Computing Society, and a Microsoft Regional Director. He co-founded to unlock the black box that is a social video and is the author of numerous patents in the field of information extraction. When not chained to his desk, he can be found fixing broken things, playing music very badly, or trying to shape things out of wood. He is also a ball-throwing slave for his dogs!

Learn more about Allen's presentation:

Unlocking Insights from Video Data: Challenges and Solutions

The web scraping industry has done an amazing job of gathering data at scale from websites. However, there is another frontier to be explored - data that is locked up inside video. In this session, Allen will discuss the problems and challenges faced by people working with web video and then look at some really insightful cutting-edge solutions. If you currently depend on meta-data from video to give you insight, this session will open your eyes to the new art of the possible.

Join Allen’s presentation to learn:

  • Why video search is important;

  • Key techniques used to unlock hidden video insights;

  • How to identify the main challenges of video insight analysis.