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Neil Emeigh

CEO at Rayobyte

In 2013, Neil Emeigh started his own data scraping enterprise when he found himself frustrated with the low quality of proxies on offer. He figured he could do better, and sure enough, his basement-based one-man proxy operation grew into Blazing SEO. The company is the largest US-based proxy provider and a 2022 Proxyway Contender of the Year, recognized for its ethical approach and its high-quality data center proxies. Neil remains an expert in the field of proxies and scraping and loves sharing his passion for ethical data acquisition and usage in a world where these are too often seen as impossible to reconcile.

Learn more about Neil's panel discussion

Web Scraping in 2023 and Beyond

The year 2023 has been truly eventful for web scraping. From gripping AI/ML advancements to industry giants cracking down on data access, we’re left wondering: What will the future of web scraping look like? We invited a panel of experts to discuss this year’s trends and how they will shape the industry. This session is a great opportunity to gain insights from diverse perspectives within the industry, igniting inspiration for future projects.

Join to learn:

  • The effects of LLM and AI on web data gathering;

  • Whether web scraping is becoming more closed;

  • Multilingual AI and data extraction across non-English regions such as Asia and Latin America;

  • Employing AI to scrape as well as detect fake information and news.