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Learn More About Roberta Aukstikalnyte

Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs

A few years prior, Roberta started her career in the tech industry as a customer success specialist. She already knew she wanted to become a copywriter, so the customer success department seemed like a perfect choice. There, she mastered her writing skills and learned to craft useful, detailed, and informative content for customers. Throughout the years, Roberta continued to work in the tech industry as a copywriter and worked her way up to the Senior Content Manager position. 

In her free time, Roberta takes up various beauty or fashion-related projects as a freelance copywriter. She unwinds by reading Sally Rooneys's novels, going to boxing classes, and playing around with makeup.

Also, does liking cats count as a hobby?

BeautifulSoup Alternatives for Web Scraping in 2024

Discover 6 BeautifulSoup alternatives for parsing scraped data.


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Best Proxies for Web Scraping: 2024 Guide

With so many proxy types available, choosing the right one can be tough. Read this 2024 guide to choose the best proxy type for your web scraping project.


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Automated Web Scraper With Python AutoScraper [Guide]

Automated Web Scraper With Python AutoScraper [Guide]

Learn how to use Python for building a web scraper that automatically acquires data at set periods.


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How to Scrape Google Finance with Python

Follow our detailed walkthrough for scraping public data (stock titles, prices, and pricing changes in percentages) from Google Finance.


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How to Build a Scraper for Zillow Real Estate Data Using Python

A detailed guide on scraping public real estate data from Zillow.


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What is a Residential Proxy & How it Works?

Learn all about residential proxies: their types, legality, and common use cases.


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apache airflow

Using Apache Airflow to Build a Pipeline for Scraped Data

Learn how to acquire public data with Oxylabs' E-Commerce Scraper API and build a pipeline for scraped data.


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How to Build eBay Price Tracker With Python

How to Build eBay Price Tracker With Python

Follow our extensive tutorial on how to build an eBay price tracker with Python. Get price drop alerts, retrieve historical item data, and create price difference charts.


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AdsPower vs Multilogin

AdsPower vs. Multilogin 2024: Antidetect Browsers Comparison

Read our comprehensive comparison between AdsPower and Multilogin to make the best choice for your individual needs.


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Top Antidetect Browsers of 2024

Top Antidetect Browsers of 2024

Learn how an antidetect browser helps with using several accounts for various digital initiatives.


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How to Scrape Google Search Results: Python Tutorial

Follow this guide to acquire public data from Google SERPs at scale.


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How to Make Wayfair Price Tracker With Python

How to Make Wayfair Price Tracker With Python

Follow this tutorial and learn how to build a Wayfair price tracking system with Python and web scraping.


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Oxylabs Proxies Help Crawly Provide Advanced Web Scraping Services

Crawly is a company that focuses on providing various web data gathering solutions. With Oxylabs' Datacenter Proxies, Crawly was able to crush their business goals: improve the response rate, deliver high-quality data, and boost their own revenue.


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Scrapy Playwright Tutorial: How to Scrape JavaScript Websites

Follow this in-depth tutorial for scraping dynamic websites with proxies and Scrapy Playwright.


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Unlocking the Web with CapSolver: A Comprehensive Review

In this article, we comprehensively review a CapSolver, discuss this tool’s features, pricing, and use cases, and highlight what makes this tool different from other CAPTCHA-solving services.


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How to Scrape Wikipedia Data: Ultimate Tutorial

Learn how to retrieve publicly available data from Wikipedia pages with Python and Web Scraper API.


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browser conference

Join us at The Browser Conference on September 19, 2023!

Join The Browser Conference on the 19th of September, 2023 to see Oxylabs' Product Owner Aleksandras presentation "Large-Scale Web Data Collection Best Practices."


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Free White Paper: Developing a Real Estate Data Monitoring Infrastructure

Discover how your real estate business can benefit from web scraping and learn how to build your own property data monitoring architecture.


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How to Use cURL With Python

How to Use cURL With Python

Follow this detailed tutorial and learn how to combine cURL with Python for effective data transfer processes.


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Scrapy Splash Tutorial: How to Scrape JavaScript-Rendered Websites

An extensive Scrapy Splash tutorial on scraping public web data from JavaScript-rendered websites.


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