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Shared Datacenter Proxies Quick Start Guide

Augustas Pelakauskas

2022-05-174 min read

Shared Datacenter Proxies is one of the two options of Oxylabs’ Datacenter Proxy solutions. Compared to Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, these proxies are available to multiple users at any given time as a more approachable and cost-effective solution. 

Keen to find out all things about Shared Datacenter Proxies? You’ve come to the right place. This quick start guide will provide all the information you need to get up and running. Let’s get started!

What you get with Oxylabs Shared Datacenter Proxies

Readily available proxy pool Instant access to 29K shared IPs allows you to reach desirable websites without limits and target specific locations globally.

Geo-targeting we provide a selection of countries to choose from, including the US, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Japan.

Cost-effectiveness – the prices are determined by your personal web traffic according to one of our eight plans and aren’t related to the number of IPs in use. 

Rich functionality – Shared Datacenter Proxies maintain all of the core features found in Dedicated Datacenter Proxies.

Reliable infrastructure You can expect up to 99.9% uptime as the Oxylabs team constantly monitors available proxy pools and automatically replaces faulty proxies at no extra charge.

Live support our support team is ready to assist you with solving operational issues 24/7 via email at

Technical features

Automatic proxy rotation – rotate proxies or keep an IP to maintain sessions and improve your success rate.

Dashboard – all-in-one dashboard for your usage statistics. Keep an eye on your traffic, monitor requests, and create sub-users. 

Unlimited concurrent sessions – make countless requests in parallel to initiate public data extraction tasks at scale.

Sticky sessions –  steadily maintain your IP with each subsequent session.


Unlike Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, Shared Datacenter Proxies can be purchased directly without contacting our sales team. We are offering eight different plans with pricing based on monthly data traffic expenditure:

Regular plans available via self-service without KYC (Know Your Customer) process:

  • Micro – $50, 77GB ($0.65/GB) 

  • Starter – $100, 167GB ($0.60/GB)

  • Advanced – $200, 364GB ($0.55/GB)

  • Premium – $300, 600GB ($0.50/GB)

Enterprise plans available via self-service:

  • Venture – $500, 1042GB ($0.48/GB) | no KYC

  • Business – $920, 920GB ($0.46/GB) | no KYC

  • Corporate – $2.200, 5TB ($0.44/GB) | requires KYC

Enterprise plan available via contacting sales:

  • Custom+ – from $4.200, 10TB+ ($0.42/GB) | requires KYC

Aside from different pricings, all plans support the same features. You can find further details for each plan here.


Our self-service (Fast Checkout) feature is available for all Shared Datacenter Proxies plans.

After registering an account and purchasing a suitable plan, you will be able to access your dashboard.

Using Shared Datacenter Proxies

Shared Datacenter Proxies use the HTTP protocol. To commence using proxies, log in to your account, navigate to the dashboard’s Overview tab and select “Create proxy user”. A sub-user’s account will let you access the Oxylabs proxy pool. 

To acquire a randomly assigned proxy, make a request to Every new request will use a different proxy. Don’t forget to replace your proxy sub-user’s username and password with personal credentials. 

Using the cURL library, the request is as follows:

To get an IP with a dedicated geo-location, change the entry point address. Running the following code line will grant you an IP from France:

You can find all of the entry point addresses for available countries here.

If you want to keep the same proxy for more than one request, add sessid-abc12345 to your username string. The abc12345 parameter can be any random string (session ID number). As a result, your IP will be maintained with each subsequent (sticky) session:

See the list of all the supported parameters and how to use them in our documentation.

For a visual breakdown of using Shared Datacenter Proxies, check out the video below.

Response codes

400 Bad RequestProxy server can return this error code if the request did not contain a host to connect to or there was a generic error when parsing an HTTP request. Make sure your request is correctly formed and make sure to include a URL in the request, then try again.
407 Proxy Authentication RequiredRequest lacks proxy authentication information, or username or password is invalid. Include the Proxy-Authorization header in your request and make sure your username and password are correctly formed and then try again.
500 Internal Server ErrorProxy server has encountered an internal error. Retry request at a later time.
502 Bad GatewayProxy server received an invalid response from the upstream server. Retry request.

Response Code 502 signifies that the IP assigned to your session ID is no longer available. If you encounter this error, there are two ways to work around it. The first is to wait for one minute, and the system will automatically assign a new IP address to your session ID. Another approach is to simply switch to a new session ID (i.e., change the sessid parameter) – this way you will receive a new IP address.
522 TimeoutProxy server did not receive a response from the upstream server in time. Retry request.
525 No Exit FoundCustom HTTP status code – this means the proxy was unable to find an exit node that satisfies the request. Change request filter parameters or try again at a later time.


Oxylabs GitHub is the place to go for tutorials on how to scrape websites using the most popular programming languages (C#, GoLang, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.), how to use our tools, implement products, and how to integrate them with third-party applications.

Oxylabs dashboard for Shared Datacenter Proxies

The dashboard is a personal monitoring center to manage your Shared Datacenter Proxies: track statistics, set up proxy sub-users, and administer your account.


This section allows you to see detailed information on how much traffic you use day-to-day. You can see usage graphs for a selected period, filter by users, and export your data to a CSV file.


Under the “Users” section, you can create and manage multiple proxy sub-users. You can set traffic limits (either monthly or lifetime) and disable a user after it reaches its lifetime limit.

First, click on the “New user” button in the top right corner.

Next, set up a name and password. If you wish to set a traffic limit, tick the checkbox and choose the limit and time period.

And that’s it. You can repeat the process to set up as many sub-users as required. You can disable sub-users at any time and modify the limits by clicking the “Edit” button.


We hope this guide answered your questions and helped you grasp the nature of our infrastructure, which is a breeze to use. If you have something else in mind that you would like to find out or just wish to share your feedback on functionality – feel free to contact our support team at any time via email at

About the author

Augustas Pelakauskas

Senior Copywriter

Augustas Pelakauskas is a Senior Copywriter at Oxylabs. Coming from an artistic background, he is deeply invested in various creative ventures - the most recent one being writing. After testing his abilities in the field of freelance journalism, he transitioned to tech content creation. When at ease, he enjoys sunny outdoors and active recreation. As it turns out, his bicycle is his fourth best friend.

All information on Oxylabs Blog is provided on an "as is" basis and for informational purposes only. We make no representation and disclaim all liability with respect to your use of any information contained on Oxylabs Blog or any third-party websites that may be linked therein. Before engaging in scraping activities of any kind you should consult your legal advisors and carefully read the particular website's terms of service or receive a scraping license.

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