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Shared Datacenter Proxies Quick Start Guide

Augustas Pelakauskas

2023-10-163 min read

Shared Datacenter Proxies offer cost-effectiveness without compromising on performance. Get instant access to a 22,000 proxy pool, sticky sessions, automatic proxy rotation, 99.9% uptime, and unlimited concurrent sessions.

In this Quick Start Guide, we’ll show you all you need to know for a smooth start using Oxylabs Shared Datacenter Proxies.

Setting up Shared Datacenter Proxies 

The first step of using Shared Datacenter Proxies starts at the Oxylabs dashboard, where you’ll need to register an account. Once you’ve done so, you can pick a plan that suits your needs or claim a free trial by contacting our Support Team.

When you’ve purchased your plan or started your free trial, you'll be directed to the setup screen, guiding you through the process.

Creating a proxy user

To get access to your Shared Datacenter Proxies pool, you’ll need to create a proxy user. Choose a username and password, then click create a proxy user.

Do note, when you create a proxy user, you’ll be given a cURL example that you need to input in your terminal or any other setup you prefer using.

You can also create up to 3 proxy users, set traffic limitations and edit or delete them. If you wish to add an extra user, click on Users and choose New user.

To add traffic limits, scroll down the Menu on the left and click on Usage limits. There, after picking the Create rule, you can choose which product and which user you’d like to have spending limits.

Starting with Shared Datacenter Proxies

Making a basic request

After you’ve created your user and are ready to test it out, copy the cURL given by the pop-up window.

The following is an example of this query in code form:

curl -x -U "customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD"

Paste and run the cURL code in a terminal or any other setup you’re using.

Country settings

Oxylabs Shared Datacenter Proxies currently offer eight different countries to choose from. To get an IP with a dedicated geo-location, change the entry point address. Bellow is an example of a query to that is performed from a random IP address in Germany. To find all available countries an their entry points visit our documentation.

You can find all of the entry point addresses for available countries here.

Session Control

Another important aspect of our Shared Datacenter Proxies is session control, allowing you to keep the same proxy for multiple requests. For example, adding the sessid parameter with a session ID string, like, sessid-abc12345,  to the user name enables session control. Crucially, this results in the proxy not changing with the following requests and the session not expiring.

You can find a code example below showing how the process should look like. A German IP is chosen for the first request, and then the same IP is kept with new queries:

Note: You’ll need to replace USERNAME and PASSWORD in the cURL example with your proxy user credentials.

For a more thorough look at all the starting steps of using Shared Datacenter Proxies, check out this video:

Response codes

The most common error codes are shown in the table below. If you received an error while making a request and it's not on the list, contact our 24/7  available support team or your dedicated account manager.

Response code Error message Description
400 Bad Request The request lacked a specified host for connection or encountered a general error while parsing an HTTP request.
407 Proxy Authentication Required The request is missing proxy authentication details, or the provided username or password is incorrect.
500 Internal Server Error The proxy server has encountered an internal error.
502 Bad Gateway The IP associated with your session ID is no longer accessible, or our available exit nodes do not match your specified criteria at the moment.
522 Timeout A proxy server didn't receive a timely response from the upstream server. Please attempt the request again.
525 No Exit Found The proxy was unable to locate an exit node that fulfills the request.

Usage Statistics

This section allows you to see detailed information on how much traffic you use day-to-day. You can see usage graphs for a selected period, filter by users, and export your data to a CSV file.

Other resources

One of the many advantages offered by our Shared Datacenter Proxies is that you can easily integrate them with third-party tools. If you’re curious to read more about all the available integrations, click here. Also, if you have any questions, contact our Support Team.

We've listed a few third-party software integrations for your convenience:

Also check out these developer-focused resources for more insights:

People also ask

Do you have any restricted targets?

We do. Some websites are restricted on our Shared Datacenter Proxy network to avoid abuse and unclear activities.

The list includes but is not limited to targets such as:

  • All Apple domains, including iTunes and App store 

  • All Google domains, including Play store

  • Entertainment (e.g., Netflix, Playstation) 

  • Banking and other financial institutions 

  • Government websites  

  • Streaming

  • Ticketing 

  • Linkedin 

  • Mailing

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support in case you have questions about a specific target.

Do you have specific integration guides?

We have dedicated integration guides for the more popular solutions, like AdsPower, MuLogin, and Ubuntu. Check out this page if you’d like to see other integration examples.

What are the technical requirements to start using Shared DC Proxies?

The minimum technical requirements are:

  • Servers to make requests from

  • A programmer proficient in a supported language

  • A web scraper and target URLs

  • A parser to extract the data you need

  • A database or storage solution

Can I get a free trial for Shared Datacenter Proxies?

Yes, we provide a free trial to help you decide whether to buy Shared Proxies. Simply locate the “Book a demo” button on our website, fill out the contact form, or email us at Do note that the trial is only available once.

What is your Shared Datacenter refund policy?

Only our Self-Service products are eligible for refunds, except for Pay-as-you-go plans, however, free trials are available as a way to test out our products before buying.

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Augustas Pelakauskas

Senior Copywriter

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