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Italian proxy
2,076,751 IPs

Improve your web scraping performance and gain faster access to your selected target websites. Reach out to over 2 million IP addresses in Italy.

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Residential and Dedicated Proxies in Italy

Improve your web scraping operations with rotating Italian IPs. Keep track of your session statistics, and reduce the number of IP restrictions and CAPTCHAs. 

  • Up to 99.95% success rates

  • Bypass geo-restrictions

  • Access data without IP bans

Best for:

Review monitoring, ad verification, travel fare aggregation, cybersecurity

With no bandwidth or target limits, run as many concurrent sessions as you wish. Access geo-restricted content in Italy to fuel your projects.

  • A large pool of dedicated Italian IPs

  • Excellent outcomes for any size project

  • No bandwidth or target restrictions

Best for:

Market research, brand protection, email protection, cybersecurity.

Boost your web intelligence efforts without geographic constraints with our advanced 5G, 4G, 3G, and LTE proxies from Italy.

  • Country, state, city, and ASN targeting

  • 1.1 s market-leading response time

  • Avg. 99.9% uptime for high-performance

Best for:

Ad verification, review monitoring, market research

Handle the most traffic-intensive tasks without a hitch and bypass web restrictions with Oxylabs’ SOCKS5 proxies.

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Free advanced targeting: ASN, ZIP, city, state, country

  • Market’s highest uptime of 99.9%

Best for:

Video streaming, live calls, traffic-intensive data gathering

Residential Italian proxy servers

Use Italian proxies with millions of IPs to speed up your scraping activities. Boost your web scraping, price monitoring, ad verification, and other operations with a large pool of up-to-date Residential Proxies.

Proxies from ethical sources

Oxylabs guarantees the maximum quality and reliable sources of its proxies

Trustworthy infrastructure

We help your projects run effortlessly, with a high level of uptime

True anonymity with Italian IP addresses

Scaling up your web scraping project with a limited number of concurrent sessions might be challenging. While using Oxylabs’ Italian Datacenter Proxies, your connections will not be restricted by bandwidth or target limitations. Anonymous Italian IPs are ideal for brand protection and market research. 

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Premium quality 

  • Limitless bandwidth

Increased speed of Italian proxy servers

Our Italian proxies feature effortless setup and carry out real IP addresses. They are designed to give a lightning-fast and reliable connection through an Italian IP in case one of the proxies fails.

Proxy locations in Italy

City IP Count Protocols IP Version Bandwidth
Milan 256 HTTP/SOCKS5 IPV4/IPV6 Unlimited
Rome 2656 HTTP/SOCKS5 IPV4/IPV6 Unlimited

Why you should choose Oxylabs’ Italian proxies

One of Italy’s fastest proxy servers

Oxylabs proxies are among the fastest on the market, with extremely high uptime. For scraping difficult targets at any scale, Oxylabs’ Italy proxy server provides quick, reliable, and almost unlockable proxies. With Oxylabs’ Italian proxies, you can complete your public web scraping tasks efficiently and accurately.

Increased scalability with Italy proxies

You may quickly access necessary public data sources using your automated web scraping script and a large variety of Italian proxies (known as Italian IP address). Italian proxies let you collect information from a web server without going over the target’s request limit or being identified by anti-scraping software.

Freshly-updated Italian proxy pool

At Oxylabs, we wish to expand our resources to meet even the most demanding business needs. As a result, we are always adding to our residential and datacenter proxy pools. We are broadening the types of proxies we offer, including SOCKS5, HTTP(S), static residential proxies, and more. Put simply, whatever you require, we are likely to have a solution.

“It's critical that we use proxy vendors who understand our use case and are able to partner with us to find the right balance of cost and success.”

Devon Kelly Walczak

SVP Operations at Wiser

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A word from our customers

Ensuring your business flourishes is our utmost concern. By offering standout products and unmatched support, we aim to not just meet your expectations but to significantly exceed them.

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy?

A proxy or a proxy server is an intermediary between a user and the internet resources. When utilizing a proxy, the user’s request is processed via the proxy server first, and only then the proxy server connects to the required web server asking to fulfill the initial request. The use of a proxy allows hiding the user’s real IP address.

Read more: what is a proxy?

Is web scraping legal in Italy?

Our legal team would put it simply – it solely depends on how you use proxies. There is no single answer to this question, as before engaging in any activities with proxies, you must ensure that data scraping does not breach any laws. 

We also suggest reading our blog post “Is web scraping legal?” where we have this topic covered.

What types of connections do proxies use?

There are two types of proxies that differ by their connection type: forward proxies and reverse proxies. The main difference between the two is that a forward proxy is used by a client, e.g. a user inside a private network, while a forward proxy is used by an internet server. 

Learn more about the features of these two types on our blog post “Reverse Proxy vs. Forward Proxy: The Differences”.

How do I change my proxy settings to Italy?

To enable an Italian IP address, you should add the cc-IT flag to the authorization header before sending a request. This means an Italian proxy will handle your query.

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