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Alaska Proxy 256 IPs

Utilize our Alaskan Datacenter or Residential proxies to gather public data from your preferred website. Execute your scraping task without risking your anonymity or facing any interruptions.

Residential and Dedicated Proxies in Alaska

Residential Proxies

By employing Residential Alaskan proxies, you have the ability to gather public data from nearly any website within the country without encountering blocks or restrictions.

  • Get access to geo-restricted content

  • Avoid IP blocks

  • Gather a large number of public data

Best for:

Review monitoring, ad verification, travel fare aggregation, cybersecurity

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Conduct extensive scraping tasks swiftly and efficiently using private proxies, ensuring high-speed performance.

  • City and state-level targeting

  • Unlimited sessions, bandwidth, and targets

  • Exceptional speeds with avg. 99.9% uptime

Best for:

Market research, brand protection, email protection, cybersecurity.

Mobile Proxies

Effortlessly navigate around geo-restrictions using dependable and quick mobile proxies within Alaska.

  • Country, state, city, and ASN targeting

  • 1.1 s market leading response time

  • Avg. 99.9% uptime for outstanding performance

Best for:

Ad verification, review monitoring, market research.

SOCKS5 Proxies

Leverage the adaptability of Oxylabs' SOCKS5 Proxies to conduct high-traffic data collection without encountering obstacles or restrictions.

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Market highest uptime of 99.9%

  • Free advanced targeting: ASN, ZIP, city, state, country

Best for:

Video streaming, live calls, traffic-intensive data gathering.