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Eivydas Vilčinskas

Technical Team Lead at Oxylabs

Eivydas has worked at Oxylabs as a Software Engineer for over five years. Ever since joining the company, he worked on a scraping project that grew from inception to becoming one of the most successful products at Oxylabs.

By helping develop the project and its infrastructure from scratch, Eivydas gathered valuable experience and became one of the core pillars of the team. Eivydas is a veteran OxyCon speaker, having presented at OxyCon 2019 and OxyCon 2021, where one of his talks was Scraping Website from Zero to Sitemap.

Learn more about Eivydas' presentation:

Practical Application of Common Web Scraping Techniques

On the journey of building a web scraping project, developers often realize that the path is long, winding, and thorny. Various obstructions, such as anti-bot solutions, dynamic layouts, slow scrapers, and many more, stand in their way. Knowing the tools used to solve these problems makes the scraping path faster and clearer.

In this presentation, Eivydas will demonstrate a practical application of common techniques in web scraping development and mention some of the advanced ones as well:

  • Session preparation components, including headers, cookies, and proxies;

  • Headful, headless and browserless scraping;

  • Public data extraction: a case for XPath;

  • Optimizations in software design and scraping behavior.