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Paul Morgan

Data Collections Team Lead at Datasembly

Paul Morgan started his career by building various websites and mobile applications, and now, he has been developing software for almost 15 years. Over the last 3 years, he has transitioned from building apps to dissecting, analyzing, and acquiring data from them. At Datasembly, his team has developed a data collection architecture that allows them to collect billions of product listings weekly, supplying the required data to some of the biggest players in the field. Paul describes himself as a problem solver and explorer of complex scenarios, leading him to hold a Guinness world record and become a chess champion in Colorado this year. 

Paul Morgan

Learn more about Paul's presentation:

Data Collection: Orchestration, Observability and Introspection

It's not a secret that the data collection world constantly brings unexpected situations and challenging moments for developers. Deploying, orchestrating, and monitoring web scraping architecture with various tools like Airflow, Kubernetes, and Prometheus isn't an easy task for every developer, especially newbies. Paul will show a general presentation about scraping and show some funny examples of product listings his team comes across.

His presentation will touch on a variety of different data collection topics, including:

  • Strange and challenging moments of data collection;

  • Managing data collection job deployments;

  • Orchestrating and scheduling data collection jobs;

  • Monitoring running collection jobs and detecting issues early.