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Ondra Urban

COO at Apify

Ondra has been a lawyer and an engineer for more than ten years. Now, he's the COO of Apify, but he prefers to think of himself as the Chief Debugging Officer. He enjoys finding weak spots and bottlenecks in systems and unlocking their full potential. Apify's mission is to make the web more programmable. Ondra's mission is to make Apify the well-oiled machine that can achieve that goal. By the way, he also loves race cars, science and gaming.

Learn more about Ondra's presentation:

How to Scrape The Web of Tomorrow

Over the past years, web scraping has changed, and a plain HTTP request with an HTML parser won't get you far anymore. Ondra will take you on a journey of the latest tech that his teams use daily for web scraping. Headless browsers, fingerprints, generated headers, residential proxies, and other tools can mean the difference between scraping tens and millions of web pages. You can be sure that there's no hacking involved in his presentation.

From Ondra's speech, you can expect: 

  • To learn more about the main challenges you can face when web scraping;

  • An explanation of the set of tools that can help you gather public data from most websites hassle-free;

  • Valuable tips and tricks for web scraping on a large scale.