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Martynas Saulius

Python Developer at Oxylabs

Martynas Saulius is a Python Developer at Oxylabs. He has been part of the Oxylabs crew for 3,5 years and works in the team that maintains the web scraping engines of Oxylabs. Although he started as a junior, he quickly picked up monitoring tools and implemented them throughout the whole system, still perfecting them to this day. 

Martynas OxyCon

Learn more about Martynas' presentation:

Observability and Web Scrapers: Filling the Unknown Void

When your web scraping project is small, and you know what exactly you're scraping, it's fair game. All the public information you gather is transparent; any issues that appear have particular causes and fixes. But what happens when the project keeps growing in scale? Are you sure that your service works as you intended? Are you sure that during critical breakdowns, you know the cause without debugging? Martynas aims to introduce observability concepts and solutions for ever-growing systems.

His presentation will cover: 

  • Logs, Metrics & Tracing – the effective observability trifecta;

  • What do you want to know about your system, and how do you want to see it;

  • How to design your service with observability in mind, or how to augment an already existing system;

  • How to use newly gained information to improve your service.