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Ovidijus Balkauskas

Linux Systems Engineer at Oxylabs

Ovidijus Balkauskas is an experienced Systems Engineer at Oxylabs who spends his days developing and optimizing the company's infrastructure. He was the Oxylabs Tech Team Lead at the Govtech challenge and one of the creators of the automated illegal content detection tool for the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority. Working together with a team of developers, they developed a solution based on web scraping and AI that makes the mission of safeguarding the internet easier.

Learn more about Ovidijus' presentation:

Scraping for Government Use Cases: How to Detect Illegal Content Online?

Web scraping isn't always viewed as having a positive effect on the world. A lot of people like to consider it as a "gray area" in terms of ethics and legality. However, like many things in life, the actual technical act of "scraping" is neither good nor bad; it's just a tool that can be used to achieve the goals one chooses to reach. In this talk, Ovidijus will look at the scraping usage that indisputably helps the world. He'll tell you the story of how Oxylabs, in collaboration with the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania, has built a system to scan the web for illegal content such as child abuse and pornography.

His presentation will touch on a variety of different topics, including: 

  • Web scraping for public and social purposes;

  • Cooperation with the public sector;

  • The technology behind the AI-driven automated tool that scans various Lithuanian websites for suspicious content;

  • Results and what's next.