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Karsten Madsen

CEO at Morningscore

Karsten Madsen is a CEO at Morningscore. As he remembers, Karsten built his first company in high school. However, the company failed, and he lost a bunch of money he borrowed from his family. Then, Karsten turned the company into a web consultancy to repay the loans.

Ten years later, the company grew and now has 50 employees. He spent a lot of time delving deeper into SEO and helped companies rank high on Google. Karsten noticed a recurring problem with their customers that he thought could be turned into the new software. So he helped to start a new company, and now, this company is Morningscore.

Learn more about Karsten's presentation:

How Data Scraping and Creative Algorithms Can Lead to Exciting Products

Creativity is rare in B2B software. But it definitely doesn't have to be that way. In this talk, Karsten will explain how they built their most unique and loved features based on scraped public data. You'll also learn about simple but creative algorithms that differentiate Morningscore from competitors. You can expect no buzzwords, only concrete examples from this presentation. Karsten will also share examples of various possibilities still out there. He'll end the talk by giving viewers a sneak peek into his planned algorithms for the future.

Karsten's presentation will cover various topics, including: 

  • How scraped public data can be combined in a new way to get valuable insights; 

  • How Morningscore gathers vast amounts of publicly available data and, with relatively simple algorithms based on empirical research, achieves great results;

  • What the endless possibilities for giving new insights to the customer are;

  • A sneak peek of his plans for the future of Morningscore.