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Learn More About Iveta Vištorskytė

Lead Content Manager at Oxylabs

Iveta Vistorskyte

Iveta Vistorskyte is a Lead Content Manager at Oxylabs. Preparing tech-related content requires thorough research and continuous learning, and this is what she likes the most about her work. In 2021, she became a team lead of a wonderful team of copywriters and content managers. Helping them achieve their goals and grow motivates Iveta to be the best version of herself and put maximum effort into her work every day.

When she's not at work, you'll probably find her just chillin' while listening to her favorite music, singing in the car while driving, or playing board games with friends. Iveta also started singing in the choir, so most of her free time is spent in concerts across the country. She also loves to watch various TV shows, but Iveta has to be careful with them – if they're really good, she can watch, for example, the whole season in one night.

Guide to Scraping Data from Websites to Excel with Web Query

Check this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to scrape data from websites into Excel. Find out Excel's capabilities of extracting information from various websites.


6 min read

Playwright Scraping Tutorial for 2024

This article explains everything about Playwright and how it can be used for automation and even web scraping.


9 min read

How to Use cURL With Proxy

How to Use cURL With Proxy?

In this step-by-step guide, you will go through the basics of how to use cURL with proxy. Also, you will get bonus tips on smooth and easy proxy usage.


7 min read

How to Extract Data from A Website?

Making data-driven business decisions nowadays is the number one priority for many companies. If you are interested in this field, you should learn how to extract data from websites. Check out!


10 min read

What is web scraping?

What Is Web Scraping & How Is It Used in 2024

The concept of web scraping is becoming familiar to every modern company aiming to base its decisions on data. This article will explain web scraping and how to effectively incorporate it into your business.


5 min read

E-Commerce Scraper API Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide explains how the E-Commerce Scraper API works. We’ll also go through the process of getting started using this data gathering tool hassle-free.


3 min read

How to Send GET Requests With cURL

How to Send GET Requests With cURL

Read this article to learn sending simple cURL GET requests or with parameters effortlessly. Find out how to retrieve JSON data and the main request arguments.


4 min read

Meet us at the Travel Tech Show

Don't miss the chance to meet us at the Travel Tech Show

Join Oxylabs at Travel Tech Show, London, to discover the latest travel industry trends and innovations as well as connect with industry experts.


2 min read

Scraping Baidu Search Results with Python: A Step-by-Step Guide

Scraping Baidu Search Results with Python: A Step-by-Step Guide

Check this article to learn scraping Baidu search results with Python.


6 min read

Machine Learning: The Driving Force of Web Scraping | OxyCast #6

A brand new episode of OxyCast is live! This time, our favorite host Augustinas Kalvis (Software Developer), and a special guest Jurijus Gorskovas (Machine Learning Engineer), delve deeper into the world of Machine Learning! Watch it to understand the details of machine learning and how it can make web scraping processes more efficient.


3 min read

Web Scraping: Another Block In The Wall | OxyCast #2

If you’ve ever tried web scraping, you should be aware of the blocking issue. It’s a common challenge, especially if you gather public data on a large scale without a decent knowledge of using resources wisely. This is why we decided to cover this topic and share our knowledge and tips & tricks on how to avoid getting blocked.


2 min read

OxyCast: A New Podcast on Everything Web Scraping Related

Web scraping is such a broad topic, and there’s a lot of things to learn in order to collect the required public data efficiently. That’s why our team decided to start a new podcast on everything web scraping related – OxyCast!


2 min read

Introducing Oxy® Proxy Manager App

It’s a free proxy app that allows you to add, edit and manage your proxies from any proxy provider of your choice. Learn more and try it out now!


2 min read

E-Commerce Keyword Research: Data Collection Challenges and Solutions

E-commerce keyword research is at the core of every successful e-commerce business. Find out what data collection challenges you may face and how to overcome them.


7 min read

Search Engine Scraping: What You Should Know

Want to find out which data sources from search engines are the most beneficial? Did you know that scraping SERPs comes with challenges that can complicate data gathering processes? Read this article and find out everything you need to know about scraping search engines.


8 min read

News Scraping: Everything You Need to Know

This article discusses everything you need to know about news scraping, including the benefits and use cases of news scraping as well as how you can use Python to create an article scraper.


7 min read

Data Wrangling: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

This article discusses what data wrangling is, the key steps of data wrangling, and why it’s crucial for businesses.


4 min read

Introducing Mobile Proxies: Harness the Power of Mobile IPs

We’re excited to introduce Mobile Proxies with an extensive list of locations, as well as country, state, city, coordinate, and ASN targeting with no extra fees.


2 min read

How to Read HTML Tables With Pandas

Read this article to learn everything about pandas library and how useful the pandas read_html function can be, especially when combined with other helpful functions.


7 min read

The Role of Web Scraping in Data-Driven Investing

Data gathering has become an integral part of most, if not all, modern businesses. The degree of importance may vary from business to business, yet in areas such as data-driven investing, it’s the core foundation upon which the entire industry is built.


1 min read

Free White Paper: Web Scraping in the Travel Industry: Main Challenges and Use Cases

Download this free white paper and get all the information on how you can benefit from web scraping in the travel industry and deal with challenges when gathering the required public data.


1 min read

Free White Paper: How to Build a Successful Competitive Intelligence Process?

Download our free white paper and get all the information on competitive intelligence and how to solve the main issues that may arise when building competitive intelligence process in your organization.


1 min read

What is API (Application Programming Interface)?

In this article, you'll learn what exactly an API is and how an API works. Simply put, an API is a tool that delivers your request to the provider that you're requesting and then responds to you. Some websites (or apps) even provide APIs to give access for developers to receive specific data.


6 min read

The Driving Force of Search Engine Ad Intelligence

This article is intended to offer a 360-degree view of search engine ad intelligence: what it is and how to collect it using proxies alongside in-house web scrapers or ready-to-use tools.


6 min read

Sources of Competitive Intelligence and Best Practices

If you’re interested in learning everything about competitive intelligence, this article is for you. Read this article to understand what competitive intelligence is and learn more about competitive intelligence sources, its challenges, and best practices.


6 min read

Reverse Proxy vs. Forward Proxy: The Differences

What is a forward and reverse proxy server? In this article, we explain the main differences between forward and reverse proxies are and explore prominent use cases of each proxy type.


5 min read

Concurrency vs Parallelism: The Main Differences

This article explains in depth what concurrency and parallelism are. We'll also use a practical example to explore the concepts even more and show how using concurrency and parallelism can help speed up the web scraping process.


6 min read

Free Webinar: Why Ethically Sourced Proxies Should Be The Only Proxies

Join this webinar to learn why ethical proxy acquisition should be important to businesses that use proxy services as much as the services themselves.


2 min read

What is Jupyter Notebook: Introduction

Find out what Jupyter Notebook is, its use cases, how to set it up, and whether it’s ideal for beginners. Importantly, this article discusses the application of Jupyter Notebook for web scraping.


10 min read

OxyCon 2021: Web Scraping Conference You Don't Want To Miss

Save your seat at OxyCon 2021 on August 25–26, and join the discussion on the most relevant topics in the world of web scraping! The two-day virtual event will bring global business leaders and Oxylabs' experienced team together for in-depth, engaging talks and workshops.


2 min read

What Is A Honeypot and How Does It Work?

A honeypot is a security system designed to attract malicious activity from cybercriminals. Read this article to understand how honeypot traps affect web scraping.


5 min read

Pricing Intelligence: Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making

If you are interested in starting to make data-driven decisions, this white paper is for you! Learn everything about pricing intelligence and how third-party data gathering solutions help you forget web scraping challenges.


1 min read

Free White Paper: Guide to Threat Intelligence Data Acquisition

One of the cybersecurity practices that modern companies use to avoid potential dangers is threat intelligence. Learn how threat intelligence enables businesses to make faster and data-backed security decisions and be proactive in the fight against threat actors.


1 min read

How Proxies Help Improve Ad Verification?

Did you know that proxies help advertisers check if their ads are displayed in the proper context and seen by the right audience? Read this article to learn everything about ad verification and the most suitable proxies for this process.


4 min read

What Are Backconnect Proxies?

Learning what a backconnect proxy is may help you choose the best solution for your web scraping tasks. Backconnect proxies are very popular for web scraping because they allow you to make each request with a different IP address. Read more to understand how these proxies work and what issues they help to overcome.


4 min read

How to Build a Web Scraper?

If you’re considering starting web scraping for your business, this article is what you need. Learn the necessary steps of building a web scraper in Python or JavaScript programming languages. You will also find out the most common web scraping challenges and how to deal with them.


11 min read

Online Media Monitoring: Challenges and Solutions

Online media monitoring helps various businesses find out their online reputation, set marketing goals, get the required information about their industry or other relevant topics. However, companies that provide online media monitoring services face many challenges. This article explains what solutions can help these companies deal with encountered issues.


8 min read

proxies for email protection

The Ultimate Guide on Choosing Proxies for Email Protection: Free Whitepaper

Cybersecurity companies take care of sensitive clients’ data by scanning emails and detecting suspicious URLs and attachments. Without proxies, the email protection process would not be so effective. This article explains how proxies are involved in this process and what type of proxies are the best for email protection.


1 min read

brand protection

Free White Paper: The Ultimate Guide on Web Scraping for Brand Protection

Nowadays, public data is an answer to many issues, fighting with brand infringements online as well. Web scraping helps to monitor the web and search for the violations in terms of brand protection to fight against them. This article explains the key insights of successful web scraping for brand protection.


1 min read

What Are HTTP Cookies and What Are They Used For?

Learn more about HTTP cookies, and how they are an important part in web scraping to avoid unsuccessful requests and being blocked by targeted web pages.


4 min read

What is Python Used For: Top 6 Options

If you have ever wondered why Python is the most popular programming language in terms of web scraping and what are Python advantages, check out this article for more information!


8 min read

How to Configure a Proxy Server in Firefox?

If you are interested in privacy and security when browsing the internet, setting up a proxy in your web browser is a great option. Find out how to set up proxies with one of the most popular web browsers, Mozilla Firefox.


3 min read

IPv4 vs. IPv6: What is the Difference?

In this article, we compared IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and singled out their main differences. Read to find out about the future of IP addresses and the problems that arise when changing from IPv4 to IPv6 addresses completely.


5 min read

Setting the Right Approach to Web Scraping

Read more to find out how to start web scraping and do it well. In this blog post we advise how to set the right approach to web scraping. Check it out!


4 min read

Choosing the Right Proxy Service Provider

Read more to find out how to choose the right proxy provider and what are the most important things to consider before making the decision!


4 min read

Oxylabs Webinar: Residential Proxy Usage Mistakes and How to Solve Them

For the first time, Oxylabs hosted a webinar about how to manage residential proxies smoothly! The main topic was top 3 residential proxy usage mistakes and how to solve them! Read for more information.


2 min read

Most Common User Agents For Price Scraping

In a fast-changing business world, price scraping is highly recommended for every company to stay competitive. How do user agents help to reduce blocking while web scraping? Check out!


3 min read

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