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We offer only dedicated proxies allocated for exclusive use.

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Data center proxies are fast, powerful and very reliable.

Most proxy providers offer shared proxies for their clients. They are less expensive, taking into account that you're sharing not only the service but the expense of that service as well. However shared proxies can be very unreliable and may fail when you need them the most. You may be fine with shared proxies as long as your targets are niche, unpopular websites. But if you are hitting search engines, retailers, ticket sellers and other popular websites, chances are that shared proxies will be already banned on those websites, or at least heavily throttled.

That's why instead of shared proxies we offer semi-dedicated proxies. First you let us know what your main targets are. Then we get you a list of proxies that are already assigned to our other clients, but are not being used to hit the same websites as you do. In a way, you receive the best of both worlds ñ great pricing of a shared proxy and high reliability of a dedicated one. Sharing the same proxies, but not using them for the same targets - doesn't affect you at all.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our service, that's why we offer a FREE 7-DAY trial for all our potential clients. All you have to do is fill in the form and our experienced sales team will get in touch with you right away. No hidden fees. No credit card needed. Please note that not all target websites have semi-dedicated proxies available.

Why industry leaders choose Oxylabs


100% data delivery

Thanks to our large proxy network and advanced backup system, we are ensuring data delivery whenever you need it.


Scalable solutions

Companies of all sizes succeed with Oxylabs as our system is built to handle tens of millions of queries every day.


High-profile partnerships

World’s biggest companies, including the world's top 5 largest retailers, are already using Oxylabs as their main proxy provider.

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