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Hello, I’m Vytautas Kirjazovas

Head of PR at Oxylabs

Vytautas Kirjazovas

Vytautas Kirjazovas is Head of PR at Oxylabs, and he places a strong personal interest in technology due to its magnifying potential to make everyday business processes easier and more efficient. Vytautas is fascinated by new digital tools and approaches, in particular, for web data harvesting purposes, so feel free to drop him a message if you have any questions on this topic. He appreciates a tasty meal, enjoys traveling and writing about himself in the third person.

Possible state of AI in 2024

Generative AI Hype Might Go Down Considerably Over the Next Year, Experts Predict

Adi Andrei and Ali Chaudhry, prominent AI experts and members of the AI/ML advisory board at Oxylabs, and Juras Juršėnas, Oxylabs’ Chief Operating Officer, shared their ideas about the possible state of AI in 2024.


5 min read

Oxylabs Establishes AI and ML Advisory Board

We are proud to have launched the AI & ML Advisory Board in 2020, consisting of four industry-leading data science, machine learning and AI experts to bolster Oxylabs’ influence in the data industry.


2 min read

Most Common HTTP Headers

HTTP headers enable to transfer further details within the request or response headers. Find out 5 key HTTP headers that are crucial to use and optimize in web scraping.


4 min read

Proxy vs VPN

In this article, we will go over both Proxy and VPN terms, explore their similarities and differences in order to establish when one should be picked over another.


6 min read

Oxylabs Reaches 100M+ Ethically-Obtained Residential Proxies Mark

Oxylabs is pleased to announce the growth of its residential proxy pool from 72 million to 100 million proxies, solidifying a leading position in the provision of proxy-based solutions with the largest network on the market.


2 min read

Oxylabs Filed Antitrust Claims Against Luminati (now Bright Data), Its Investor EMK Capital, and Hola

To promote fair marketplace practices, Oxylabs seek to redress the injuries it has suffered and hold Luminati, EMK Capital, and Hola accountable for their actions.


1 min read

Automotive Industry Data Scraping: How's It Changing this Market?

In this article, we will briefly introduce the web scraping practice for the automotive industry and explore a few already proven data collection use cases. What’s more, we will reveal the essential tools to gather this vast amount of data efficiently.


4 min read

What is SSL Proxy and What Are Its Benefits?

In this article, learn all about SSL proxies, the benefits they offer and what makes them special.


4 min read

Update Regarding January 3, 2020 Oxylabs-Resolved Lawsuit With Luminati (now Bright Data)

On January 3, 2020, UAB Teso LT and UAB Metacluster LT (collectively, “Oxylabs”) resolved the lawsuit styled Luminati Networks Ltd. v. UAB Tesonet, 2:18-cv-00299-JRG (E.D. Tex.) via a settlement entered into with Luminati (now Bright Data). After the parties entered into their settlement, press releases were issued concerning the outcome of the lawsuit.


1 min read

Oxylabs Sued Luminati (now Bright Data) and Its Investor EMK Capital LLP for Unfair Competition

Oxylabs sued Luminati (Luminati Networks Ltd.) and its investor EMK Capital LLP under several claims, in bid to end unfair business practices.


2 min read

Join Us for a Networking Event for Web Scraping Professionals

We would like to invite our valued partners and all web scraping enthusiasts to our very own web scraping meetup & drinks on February 4th, 4-6 PM in London. Find out more about the event.


2 min read

Update Regarding Luminati (now Bright Data) vs. Oxylabs Legal Case

On January 3rd, 2020, the parties resolved the Oxylabs vs. Luminati case, and the case will be dismissed. The court ordered the case’s deadline stayed for 30 days, pending the submission of the final dismissal documents.


1 min read

Black Friday Web Scraping Insights

In this article, we will reveal 2019 Black Friday's web scraping insights via our Residential and Data center proxies, and our Web Scraper API data gathering solution. Find out more.


4 min read

Subscribing to Oxylabs’ YouTube Channel Is Worth It!

Recently, we decided to take it up a notch, and from now, we will deliver engaging video content on our YouTube Channel. Find out why it’s worth it to subscribe!


2 min read

Fingerprinting and Its Impact on Web Scraping

Mr. Allen O’Neill, a full-stack big data cloud engineer, glued everyone to their seats with his presentation - “Fingerprinting: The Web’s Dirty Little Secret.” Find out how fingerprinting will affect future web scraping procedures.


4 min read

Scraping Trends and Infrastructure Sustainability

On the first day of OxyCon, Rimgaudas Mazgelis, head of Research Department at Oxylabs, introduced how scraping trends vary between different verticals and the overall sustainability of data center proxies. Read all about it here!


4 min read

Using Browsers as a Service for Web Data Gathering

During OxyCon, Slavcho Ivanov, CTO @ Intelligence Node, presented an interesting method of using cloud-based Chrome browsers for web data gathering. In this article, we take a brief look at how this can be achieved.


2 min read

OxyCon 2019: The Top Takeaways From Day One

The first day of OxyCon has passed. We heard some amazing presentations and learned a lot in workshops. Here are the top key takeaways for day one.


4 min read

Introducing Oxylabs’ Data Research Team

In this article, you can get to know Oxylabs' Data Research Department team. Find out how they bring additional value to our clients every single day.


5 min read