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Lukas Motiejunas

Dec 19, 2018 3 min read

Data center proxies are private proxies that are not affiliated with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Data center proxies come from a secondary corporation and provide you with entirely private IP authentication and a high level of anonymity. The main benefit that data center proxies offer is rapid response times. 

When it comes to hiding your IP address, the best and most secure way is to use a proxy. What is a proxy? To put it simply, it is a different IP address that masks your real IP address.

There are a few different types of proxies one can look into:

Depending on your needs, you might want to look into each proxy we listed. In this article, we will go over data center proxies and their best use cases. 

Data center proxies definition

Data center proxies are dedicated proxies that are not affiliated with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). They come from a secondary corporation and provide you with completely private IP authentication, a high level of anonymity and response time.

Also, we made a short video on data center proxies. Check it out below:

What’s more, since they are not associated with ISP providers, data center IPs can already be flagged by some targets, and specific precautionary measures might be taken against them. 

What are data center proxies’ benefits?

  • The most significant benefits of data center proxies are that they offer swift response time, and very cheap. These are great if you need to harvest data and gather intelligence quickly.
  • Just keep in mind that they will not be the best choice if you seek the highest level of anonymity, and want to gather data from more challenging targets. 
What are Data Center Proxies' Benefits?

What are data center proxies’ use cases?

  • The choices are endless, but there are a few known and tested use cases. Data center type of proxies for market research and brand protection.
  • Data center proxies for brand protection work great as they are fast, cheap, and are a reliable web monitoring solution. 
  • What’s more, when someone uses your brand without authorization, you can start losing revenue fast. Not only that – the chances are that the brand’s reputation might be harmed. That’s why online businesses need to react quickly and accordingly to protect the brand and a hard-fought market share.  

How can you use data center proxies for market research?

  • Gathering and analyzing business intelligence data, especially if it’s your competitors’ data, can be challenging, and for that, you will need a lot of proxies.
  • Data center proxies are cheaper, and for market research, the more, the better factor applies. Hence, buying them in bulk will come in as a great solution.

Also, data center proxies can be easily integrated with 3rd party software, such as proxy management tools for browsers.


Data center proxies are excellent if you need to gather data and intelligence fast and cheaply. They are known to work best for market research and brand protection, however, if you’re not sure if this solution would work for your business, get in touch with us at [email protected]


About Lukas Motiejunas

Lukas Motiejunas is an Account Manager at Oxylabs, and he places a strong personal interest in the market research field. Mainly, in the merge of business sector and digital tools utilization to distinguish the most effective practices to carry out automated market research operations. So if you have any questions relating to market research, he’s your guy to answer them. Lukas believes that he has a hidden talent to be a great chef, although rumor has it, he uses the smoke alarm as a timer.

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