Over 2 million proxies in 82 countries

102M+ HTTP proxies from all around the world

An Oxylabs HTTP proxy is considered to be one of the most stable proxy types found on the market. We continuously ensure the growth of our HTTP proxy pool, already reaching over 102M proxies that suit customer's data gathering needs on a large scale. Oxylabs HTTP proxies can be found in nearly every country in the world, allowing you to scrape nearly any target via an HTTP(S) connection.

With a SOCKS5 proxy you can go through a UDP connection

Quick and easy integration

No need to import proxy lists, simply use a single endpoint that assigns a pre-checked HTTP proxy to your connection automatically. Forget those "dead" proxies, and access over 102M+ HTTP proxies instantly. With Oxylabs' quick and easy integration, you'll be sure to access almost any source on an HTTP(S) connection and effectively manage most data gathering jobs out there.

Quick and easy integration

Oxylabs’ user-friendly dashboard

Depending on the choice of your HTTP proxy, with the Oxylabs' dashboard, you'll be able to see your detailed proxy usage statistics, easily create sub-users, whitelist your IPs, and conveniently manage your account. With the all in one user-friendly interface, managing your HTTP proxies will become an easy task.

Why businesses choose Oxylabs® HTTP proxies

Usage stats dashboard

See detailed HTTP proxy usage statistics, whitelist your IPs, and manage your account in one dashboard.

Reliable resources

We make sure that our HTTP proxies are stable and reliable, so no issues occur during scraping jobs.

99.9% uptime

Oxylabs' HTTP proxies are one of the most stable and reliable proxies with a high uptime.

Proxy pool growth

We continuously work on expanding the current HTTP proxy pool to fit every customer's needs.

High level security

With HTTP proxies you can cover many business use cases with high privacy and security.

24/7 live support

No matter the time of the day, be sure to get answers when you need them.


Gabriele Amirzian

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

HTTP proxies are the go-to choice for businesses that need to cover multiple use cases and are conscious about privacy and security. With Oxylabs proxies, you can communicate with websites via HTTP protocol, so with any of our products you can be sure to get the highest level of privacy and security while performing your operations.


Rokas Brazinskas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Most of the popular scraping targets automatically prevent large scale data gathering by blocking IP addresses that make a much larger number of requests than an average user does. Scraping the web with HTTP proxies allows you to distribute the requests among many IP addresses and, in turn, reduce your chances of getting blocked.

A word from your dedicated account manager

By choosing to work with our HTTP proxies, you get your very own dedicated account manager.