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Christian Dawson

Co-Founder and Executive Director at i2Coalition

Christian Dawson is the Co-Founder of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition), where he works to make the internet a better, safer place for the businesses that make up the Cloud. Dawson spent 16 years working as an executive at web hosting provider ServInt. While there, he co-founded the Save Hosting initiative that’s designed to galvanize web hosting providers in their opposition to PIPA & SOPA. Dawson served as the Chairman of the i2Coalition Board from 2012 to 2016. As of January 2016, he joined the i2Coalition in a full-time position as its first Executive Director.

Learn more about Christian's presentation:

The world of public data collection for businesses

Web scraping is quite a challenging technical task, but that’s not the only aspect that makes it tough. Together with technical questions, it raises a whole lot of legal questions as well. Scraping usually involves at least two parties – the scraper and the one being scraped. Naturally, a question can be brought up whether any legal relationship is formed between the two, and can one party claim something from the other if public data from the web was scraped?  There aren't that many industries where conflict is kind of “hardcoded” into the core of the business/industry itself, so how does one stay on the legal side while growing and being prosperous in this industry? 

What will you learn?

  • How does one legally evaluate its scraping project? 

  • Cease and desist letters and threats from the target websites: what to do if you receive one? What actions should be taken if you don't have a team of legal experts?

  • Public and Non-Public data, does it matter?

  • What are the next big events in the scraping legal landscape?