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South American Proxy

11,217,607 IPs

Level up your data-gathering processes with South American proxies. Access desired websites in the continent and get localized results with specific geo-location targeting.

Oxylabs’ Proxies in South America

datacenters logo

Datacenter Proxies

Make unlimited concurrent sessions to websites with no bandwidth or target limits. Get around geo-restrictions with country, state, or city-level targeting in 188 countries.

  • Largest 2M+ pool of dedicated proxy IP addresses

  • Superior performance for any scale project

  • Average 99.9% proxy uptime

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Residential Proxies

Access websites around the world and simulate human-like traffic for block-free scraping. Get accurate data with country, state, city-level, and ZIP code targeting.

  • Vast 100M+ pool of rotating Residential Proxy IP addresses

  • Organic web requests for undetectable web scraping

  • Average 99.5% success rates

Additional benefits

Large-scale data

Take on even the largest scraping projects without compromising performance

Proxy Rotator

Automatically rotate your South America proxy IPs with a built-in feature

All statistics in one place

See your usage statistics, whitelist IPs, and manage subscriptions in the Oxylabs dashboard

Additional benefits

Global coverage

Our Residential Proxies cover all 195 countries around the globe

No CAPTCHAs or IP bans

Use proxies without worrying about restrictions and interruptions

Ethically sourced IPs

We follow strict proxy acquisition rules that we also apply to our suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a South American proxy?

It is a proxy server located in the South American continent. It routes your internet traffic through its server and assigns an IP address from a specific country in South America. This allows you to access websites only available in South American countries regardless of your actual location.

Oxylabs South American proxies are currently hosted in 14 countries. See the South America proxy locations section for a complete list. To learn more about proxy servers, visit this page, where we have explained the topic in more detail.

Are proxies legal in South America?

In South America proxy servers are indeed legal. While the use of proxies is not prohibited, it all depends on how you use them. For instance, using proxies for illegal activities, such as copyright infringement or cybercrime, is illegal in South America and may lead to legal consequences.

Hence, it is always recommended to seek professional legal advice to make sure your use of proxies is within the boundaries of the law.