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North American Proxy
19,395,351 IPs

Reach your target websites without IP blocks and geo-restrictions with first-class North America proxy servers.

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Datacenter Proxies

Top-tier North America proxy servers with splendid speeds

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Residential Proxies

Simulate organic users for block-free scraping with North America proxy servers

Oxylabs’ Proxies in North America

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Datacenter Proxies

Make unlimited concurrent sessions with as much bandwidth as you need to any website. Surpass IP restrictions in 188 countries with city or state-level targeting.

  • Largest 2M+ pool of dedicated IP addresses

  • Superb performance regardless of scale

  • Average 99.9% uptime for uninterrupted tasks

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Residential Proxies

Access any web content around the world without interruptions. Get precise data with country, state, city-level, or ZIP code geo-location targeting.

  • Massive 100M+ pool of rotating IP addresses

  • Human-like web requests for successful scraping

  • Average 99.95% success rates

Additional benefits

Big-scale projects

Take care of even the most extensive scraping tasks without a hitch

Proxy Rotator

Automatic rotation of IP addresses for block-free scraping

Oxylabs Dashboard

Find all the usage statistics, whitelist IP addresses, and control subscriptions in one place

Additional benefits

Global coverage

Our Residential Proxies are located in all 195 countries

No IP restrictions or CAPTCHAs

Enjoy uninterrupted proxy use without worrying about IP bans

Single backconnect entry

Control your sessions and access the proxy pool through a single backconnect entry

Frequently asked questions

What is a North American proxy?

It is a proxy server hosted in a country that is located in the North American continent. A North America proxy routes your internet traffic through its server, in turn masking your network’s IP address and allowing you to access websites that are only available in the North American continent.

See the above section North America proxy locations for a complete list of available countries.

Are proxies legal in North America?

Proxy servers are completely legal in North America. However, it depends on how you use them. For instance, it is illegal to use proxies for unlawful activities, such as fraud or hacking, and it may lead to criminal charges. Some proxy providers also define this in their Terms of Service (ToS).

Additionally, some websites may forbid the use of proxies to access their content, so it is best to thoroughly research the ToS before using proxy servers.

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