Vietnam Proxies
3,684,678 IPs

Access your chosen websites with either real residential IPs or Datacenter Proxies from Vietnam. Oxylabs’ proxies will ensure you reach any target with close to zero blocks and complete anonymity.

Datacenter Proxies

Some of the most powerful proxies in the market with Vietnam IPs

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Residential Proxies

Human-like, free of IP blocks scraping with Vietnam proxies

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Large pool of residential Vietnamese proxy IPs

Boost your web data scraping projects with our ever-growing proxy pool, containing more than three million IP addresses around Vietnam. Oxylabs’ Residential Proxies offer premium-quality IP addresses, with an average of 99.2% success rates. Gather required public data effortlessly at a city or state level for various use cases such as price monitoring and ad verification.

Ethically sourced proxies

Oxylabs ensures that businesses get only high-quality, trustworthy proxies

Reliable infrastructure

High uptime assures your public web scraping operations are smooth

Dedicated servers for Vietnam proxies

Limited concurrent sessions might complicate your public web scraping activities when it comes to scalability. Luckily, Oxylabs do not impose any bandwidth or target restrictions on Datacenter Proxies, allowing you to get the most out of public data collection. Private Vietnamese IP addresses are perfect for brand protection and market research. 

  • Limitless concurrent sessions

  • Up to 99% uptime

  • Increased anonymity

Fast Vietnam proxy servers

Our Vietnamese proxies hold real rotating IP addresses, which enable cost-free, fast public data collection even if one of the proxies fails. Oxylabs constantly monitors the health of our Vietnamese proxy network to ensure top-level performance for your web scraping projects.

Oxylabs’ Proxies in Vietnam

Datacenter Proxies

Enable as many concurrent sessions as you need without any bandwidth or target server limits. Unlock geo-restricted content at a city level. 

  • Massive pool of dedicated Vietnamese IPs

  • Precise results for any size projects

  • No bandwidth or target constraints

Residential Proxies

Rotating Vietnam IPs will boost your web scraping operations. Track your session statistics and minimize the number of CAPTCHAs and IP bans.

  • Average of 99.2% success rates

  • Collect a large number of reviews

  • Get access to public data without worrying about IP bans

Block-free scraping solution

Large scale public data

Our proxies will not cause any delays in your scraping activities, no matter the project size

Proxy Rotator

Switch between Vietnamese IP addresses effortlessly

All data in one place

Keep an eye on the usage stats you need using the convenient Oxylabs Dashboard

Additional perks

Entire Vietnam coverage

Oxylabs’ Residential Proxies cover the whole Vietnam at a city level

Large proxy pool

The Residential Proxy network of millions of IP addresses in Vietnam

Less CAPTCHAs and IP bans

Access the content you need without worrying about CAPTCHAs or IP bans

Why you should choose Oxylabs’ Vietnamese proxies

One of the fastest proxy servers in Vietnam

Oxylabs’ proxies stand out from the market by exclusive speed and high uptime. Reliable Vietnam proxy servers allow you to scrape large-scale complex targets while ensuring your web scraping operations are run in a fast and accurate way.

Improved scalability with Vietnamese proxies

Combine your automated web scraping script with a variety of Vietnamese proxies to easily access the public data sources you need. Vietnam proxies will not limit you with any set number of target requests and guarantee no detection by anti-scraping software.

Up-to-date Vietnam proxy pool

At Oxylabs, we strive to have all resources needed to fulfill even the most difficult business demands. That is why we are continually expanding our residential and datacenter proxy pools, adding SOCKS5, HTTP(S), static residential proxies, and more. Put it simply, we might have a solution for all your needs.

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy?

A proxy or a proxy server is an intermediary between a user and the internet resources. When utilizing a proxy, the user’s request is processed via the proxy server first, and only then the proxy server connects to the required web server asking to fulfil the initial request. The use of proxy allows hiding the user’s real IP address.

Read more: what is a proxy?

What are datacenter proxies?

Datacenter Proxies are private proxies that are not affiliated with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Datacenter Proxies come from a secondary corporation and provide you with entirely private IP authentication and a high level of anonymity. The main benefit that datacenter proxies offer is rapid response times.

What are residential proxies?

Residential Proxies are IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to homeowners. Residential Proxies are legitimate IP addresses attached to a physical location. The main benefit of residential proxies is the high anonymity level.

Is web scraping legal in Vietnam?

Simply put, it all depends on how you use proxies, according to our legal team. There is no single answer to this question since you must confirm that data scraping does not violate any laws before engaging in any activity with proxies.

We also suggest reading our blog post “Is web scraping legal?” where we have this topic covered.

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