Residential Proxies

Perfect for SEO / Data verification / Price monitoring / Ad verification

Avoid IP Bans

Residential proxies are connections assigned to regular end-users (typically, homeowners) by an Internet Service Provider. This type of ownership ensures a high anonymity level and enables data collection. Since residential proxies mostly belong to the large internet and mobile service providers, other websites don’t block users with this kind of IPs.

High Coverage & Accuracy

Residential proxies have a wide geographical location coverage with 190+ countries available. By using this type of IPs, you’ll get an accurate, localized data from search engines, detailed shipping information, and more. Residential proxies may be a bit slower than datacenter-based IPs but exceed in precision and accuracy.

In-House Rotation

With Oxylabs residential proxy network, you’ll receive a new IP with every new query. No additional technical resources will be needed because proxy rotation is done on our side. Simply access our global proxy network and send concurrent requests through millions of IPs. Session control for deep-digging is also supported.

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Use OxyLabs service of dedicated proxies for your day-to-day web harvesting. We offer simple yet extremely efficient tools for your web extraction needs - no matter what your required setup is, we will deliver.


OxyLabs network covers more than 190 countries. By using it, you can access IPs not only from all major countries and cities but also from less popular locations.


More than 200,000 clean and not abused IPs from active users are ready for you at any time.


No more waiting for your job to finish - receive only extremely fast and responsive IPs.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Powered by in-house built infrastructure, OxyLabs residential network is both fast and reliable. 99% uptime is guaranteed.

Session Control

Dig deep with session control. It enables you to minimize chances of getting blocked or receiving incorrect data. Keep the same IP address within the website to make sure you get your data.

Advanced Statistics

Monitor your usage and costs with internal customer dashboard. See detailed statistics about all the queries you make and adjust them on the go.


Just landed a new client and need more throughput? With OxyLabs, you can scale up instantly and pay only for the generated traffic.


No more location faking and questionable rankings. OxyLabs residential network enables you to extract localized search results and get a deeper understanding of local SEO performance.

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