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SERP Scraper API

  • City-level SERP data from leading search engines 

  • 100% data delivery

  • Structured data in JSON and CSV

No credit card required. Free trial lasts 3 weeks and includes 5k results

serp scraper api

Get live data streams from major search engines

With SERP Scraper API, you get real-time search engine data effortlessly. Receive parsed data from both organic and paid results, as well as:

  • Scholar

  • Maps

  • Popular products

  • Videos

  • News

  • Images

Patented solution

Integrated proxy rotator for 100% success rate

Pay only for successful requests. SERP Scraper API is built to stay resilient to SERP layout changes. Forget proxy management! With proxy rotation, auto-retry functionality, and expert know-how - we will do it for you.

  • Integrated proxy rotator  

  • Auto-retry function

  • Pay only per successful requests

Highly scalable and localized search results

SERP Scraper API supports high volumes of SERP data requests by utilizing Oxylabs global 102M+ proxy infrastructure. Gather SERP data on country, city, or coordinate level from 195 countries.

  • 195 countries

  • 102M+ proxy infrastructure

  • Country, state, city, or coordinate level geotargeting

What others say about Oxylabs® SERP Scraper API?

We strive to create the best customer experience for our valued partners. Though individual results may vary, we work every day to earn our client’s trust and help them succeed.


"Oxylabs SERP Scraper API supports us heavily to be on time with the update of our ranking data."


“SERP Scraper API has spared us the headache of managing our own IP blocks and proxies, saving us significant time and cost. It’s also given us peace of mind that we have a reliable solution that we are certain can scale into the future.”

Anthony Gibleen

“Having a crawler tool gives you enormous advantage, especially in marketing. Highly recommend Oxylabs and their Scraper APIs (formerly Real-Time Crawler) for this.”

Easy integration with SERP Scraper API

Determine search phrase, target geo-location, and page type

Send GET or POST requests

Receive data via REST API directly or to the cloud

Try SERP Scraper API with free 5k results

SERP Scraper API use cases

Keyword data collection

Get live and real-time search results for any keyword in any location with coordinate-level precision.

Brand monitoring

Monitor brand mentions or product counterfeiting by receiving data for any search term from all page types available.

Ads data tracking

Search ads data for any keyword and get location and device-specific search results.

Get all of your questions answered by our professionals

Our SERP Scraper API clients get a Dedicated Account Manager, 24/7 support, and necessary help to deal with any issues.

Lukas Motiejūnas

Lead Account Manager

Edgar Neverovič

Lead Account Manager

Rokas Bražinskas

Lead Account Manager

Indrė Krakauskaitė

Account Manager

Matas Žebrauskas

Account Manager

Viktorija Lapytė

Lead Account Manager

Asta Šilerytė

Account Manager

Aivaras Steponavičius

Account Manager

Jorūnė Skridailaitė

Account Manager

Lukas Mikonis

Account Manager

Lukas Žulys

Account Manager

Rūta Petronytė

Account Manager

Erika Buitkute

Account Manager

Viktorija Veitaitė

Lead Account Manager

SERP Scraper API pricing

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City-level SERP data

100% delivery

Highly scalable




Plan includes:


SERP Scraper API pages


Per 1K requests

Total: $99 billed monthly

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Plan includes:


SERP Scraper API pages


Per 1K requests

Total: $399 billed monthly




Plan includes:


SERP Scraper API pages


Per 1K requests

Total: $999 billed monthly


Starts from:



Plan includes:


SERP Scraper API pages

Custom price per request

Get a custom price quote for your individual business needs

We accept these payment methods:

With no additional fees & included in the price:

Advice on target scraping

No proxy maintenance

Patented proxy rotator

Parsed data

Highly customizable

24/7 live support

Frequently asked questions

What is SERP scraping?

SERP scraping is a term used to describe public data gathering from SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for various use cases: keyword research, SEO monitoring, digital advertising, and more. 

While search engines are full of valuable public information, gathering it may help companies stay competitive in the market, rank higher, and bring more organic traffic to their websites. 

Read more

How long does SERP Scraper API take to give the results back?

SERP Scraper API delivers results in real-time. For more detailed information, contact our Account Managers. They will provide you with all the necessary information.

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