Powerful Data Extraction API

Heavy duty data retrieval API for SEO companies and competitor trackers



Retrieve paid and organic SERP data in raw HTML or formatted JSON format. High accuracy is ensured by using natural geolocation IP addresses, instead of search engine parameters. The results are delivered via callback functionality, with real-time data delivery available on demand.

Keyword Data

Get the most important data for any keyword from AdWords Planner, Wordstat, or Baidu PPC. Available data include monthly search volume (MSV), CPC, competition level and more. Many indicators also have historic data available.

Ranking Data

Extract current position for any keyword with absolute accuracy. Ranking results are available across all major geolocations. Scheduling is also available, enabling data retrieval on pre-defined timeframes. We also store historic changes, that are retrievable on demand.


Retail Pricing Data

Track product pricing changes in the most popular retail marketplace. Just like SERP API, the results are delivered via a callback. We also store historic pricing data, so you can easily track pricing changes. All this data is available on demand.


Our API is build for heavy duty data retrieval operations. Curretly serving over 20,000,000 million requests per day.


Our high-speed API engine cover all major search engine and retail providers. Years of experience in data extraction enabled us to create an API system, that is both fast and accurate. We know all the best tricks to get the data, and they are all implemented in our API engine.


We currently retrieve millions of SERP results every day. This as well as our experience with proxy IPs enable us to provide the best pricing for every data extraction project. The pricing is predictable as well, as you pay only for the successful data extraction tasks you get.

Pin Point Accuracy

Behind every API engine is a big IP address database. We have coverage of all most popular locations with natural geolocation IP addresses, therefore we can deliver the most accurate results, like no other data extraction API provider.

Customized Solutions

Do you have a target that you have problems retrieving data? We can help you with that. Here at Oxylabs we can build a customized data extraction API. We will not just get you the results by avoiding bans, but will drastically decrease your scraping costs as well.

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