Real-Time Crawler

The most powerful way to extract data from search engines and eCommerce websites

Why use Real-Time Crawler

100% delivery

Real-Time Crawler guarantees 100% web data delivery from search engines and eCommerce websites. Thanks to the large IP pool and smart backup system, we can offer web data whenever you need it. No delays, no errors.

Peace of mind

With our solution, you no longer need to worry about setting up and maintaining proxies. Real-Time Crawler does it all for you – it routes through geo-located IPs, sets correct headers, reuses cookies, and more.

Effortless transition

Integrating Real-Time Crawler is as straightforward as using IPs. Simply give us a URL, and we will return well-formatted data that can be handled by your backend or even your frontend application framework.

Real-Time Crawler for search engines

With Real-Time Crawler you can retrieve paid and organic SERP data, extract ranking data for any keyword or get monthly search volume (MSV) data in raw HTML or formatted JSON format. You can discover the most profitable keywords, track their performance and even retrieve historical data.

Real-Time Crawler supports any number of requests done for any location and any keyword. High accuracy is ensured by the use of natural geolocation IP addresses.

 "title": "See Real-Time Crawler in action!",
 "message": "Enter your keyword to see the real output example.",
 "note": "Choose other criteria (optional).",

Real-Time Crawler for eCommerce

With Real-Time Crawler you can track product pricing changes in the most popular retail marketplace. You can extract data from product pages, product offer listing pages, reviews, questions & answers, search results or from any URL in general. All localized domains and pagination are supported. Historical pricing data is stored as well.

 "title": "See Real-Time Crawler in action!",
 "message": "Enter your keyword to see the real output example.",
 "note": "Choose other criteria (optional).",

Cost reduction

Why using Real-Time Crawler might be the best decision for your business

Let’s say that your capacity is 50M queries per month and you’re thinking about building an in-house data extraction team. See how much you could save with Real-Time Crawler.

Raw Costs:

Expected costs of IP resources used by an in-house data extraction team that should be able to retrieve 50M queries per month vs. expected costs of 50M successful queries with Real-Time Crawler.

Infrastructure Costs:

In-house infrastructure costs include server maintenance and monitoring, IP rotation services, and more. With Real-Time Crawler you don't need so many powerful servers, and the overall costs for infrastructure are much lower.

Hr Costs:

An in-house team must contain a handful of high-skilled IT professionals working full-time to ensure a successful web data extraction process. With Real-Time Crawler, you can transfer your human resources to new opportunities.


Data in real-time or via callback

With the callback data delivery method, you don't need to check any task status – Real-Time Crawler lets you know once the data is ready. With real-time data delivery, the data is retrieved on the same connection.

High reliability

Real-Time Crawler employs a large IP pool and has an advanced IP backup system. The core Real-Time Crawler components are distributed through multiple data centers around the world, highly increasing its uptime expectancy.


If you land a new client and your data requirements suddenly increase significantly, you will have no problems ramping up the workload. Our system and IP pool are built to handle tens of millions of queries every day.

High accuracy

We use real browsers to generate the most accurate search results which are verified and 100% correct. Therefore Real-Time Crawler can deliver the most accurate results, like no other data extraction tool on the market.

Customized solution

Need help extracting data from search engines and eCommerce websites? Having difficulties with a high block rate? Too expensive to maintain proxy infrastructure? We can build a custom data extraction tool for you.

Data from complex targets

With Real-Time Crawler you can extract data from extremely complex targets. Make the most of our solution and base your pricing, product or any other business decision on the most accurate web data delivered to you in real time.

Easy Integration

Real-Time Crawler is easy to integrate using your preferred language. For the best results, we recommend callback based implementation that also supports batch queries.

# Example of real-time data output with direct URL (target:
curl --user user1:pass '' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"source": "amazon", "url": ""}'

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