Real-Time SERP API

Real-Time SERP API is one of the most powerful data extraction tools built specifically for gathering data from search engines. Achieve a 100% delivery rate with Real-Time SERP API.


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Why businesses choose Oxylabs® Real-time SERP API

Usage stats dashboard

See detailed Real-Time SERP API usage statistics and manage your account in one dashboard.

Focus on data analysis

Instead of trying to avoid bot detection, focus on crunching the data you get from Real-Time SERP API.

Localized search results

See search results in any location with Oxylabs’ Real-Time SERP API.

Hassle-free solution

Oxylabs' Real-time SERP API lets you forget proxy management, as all of it is done by our team at Oxylabs.

100% success rate

Oxylabs' Real-Time SERP API guarantees you 100% data delivery from search engines.

24/7 live support

No matter the time of the day, be sure to get answers when you need them.

Real-Time Crawler

Scalable and easy to use data extraction tool

After you submit your request to Real-Time SERP API, the data is returned on the same open HTTPS connection, or, if you choose the callback method, you'll be able to get the results later by downloading them in HTML or JSON format. Whatever your choice of data delivery is, all of the scraping work is done in real-time and on a user-friendly interface.

100% delivery

A 100% delivery from leading search engines

This data extraction tool employs a large IP pool and has an advanced IP backup system that allows you to extract all necessary data without any delays or errors. It is a perfect solution to gather data from challenging, data-wealthy sources. With Real-Time SERP API, you'll be sure to achieve a 100% success rate with no blocks and zero captchas.

Quick and easy integration

Quick and easy integration

Real-Time SERP API has a very straightforward integration. It is a continually enhanced solution that ensures a reliable, scalable, and future-proof web scraping experience. So forget proxy managers and proxy setups, with this API you won’t need many powerful servers, your costs for infrastructure will be lower, and you’ll be able to transfer your resources to new opportunities.

We have worked with Oxylabs for almost 4 years, and the experience is great. Many years of excellent service, great proxies. Not just their tech services, but also their customer service - they always are very helpful and polite.

Oxylabs 10/10

Great customer service, truly 24/7 support. Great documentation along with competitive pricing. The proxies work as described and have never had any problems with them.

Oxylabs is an excellent company

The Oxylabs company is excellent! I have been using their services for the last 3 months and I have never had a second of downtime. The customer support is one of the better I have seen with companies that sell bandwidth.

Great partner

Oxylabs provides customers with very high quality and efficient service, they are the partner worthy of long-term cooperation and trust.

New feature!

Fast and easy access to over 70M+ residential proxies.