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Real-Time SERP API

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How does it work?

With the Real-Time SERP API, provide us a URL, and we will return you a well-formatted data that can be easily handled by your backend or even frontend application framework.

Real-Time SERP API does it all for you – it routes traffic through geo-located IPs, sets correct headers, reuses cookies, and more.

With the callback data delivery method, there is no need to check your task status as Real-Time SERPs API will notify you once the data is ready. Real-time SERP delivery ensures that data is retrieved on the same connection.

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Real-Time SERP API for search engines

Retrieve paid and organic SERP data, extract ranking data for any keyword or get monthly search volume data in raw HTML or formatted JSON format.

With Real-Time SERP API discover the most profitable keywords and track their performance. Real-Time SERP API can support any number of requests, for any location and keyword. What's more, the use of natural geo-located IP addresses ensures the highest levels of accuracy.

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Cost reduction

Why using Real-Time SERP API might be the best decision for your business? Let's say that your capacity is 50M queries per month and you are thinking about building an in-house data extraction team. Take a look just how much you could save with Real-Time SERP API.

  • HR costs

    An in-house team must contain a handful of high-skilled IT professionals to ensure a successful web data extraction process. While utilizing the Real-Time SERP API will allow for existing human resources to pursue other business opportunities.

  • Infrastructure costs

    In-house infrastructure costs can quickly rack up, as it includes server maintenance and monitoring, IP rotation services, and much more. With Real-Time SERP there is no need to have many powerful servers, and the overall cost for infrastructure is considerably lower.

  • Raw costs

    Expected costs of IP resources used by an in-house data extraction team that should be able to retrieve 50M queries per month vs. expected costs of 50M successful queries with Real-Time SERP API.

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SEO monitoring

Search engine algorithms change and evolve constantly. Keeping up with the changes and staying at the top of the search results page is a challenge for many brands out there. Therefore, SEO agencies are in need of a reliable and scalable solution that can guarantee a 100% data delivery.

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Easy integration

Real-Time SERP API is easy to integrate using your preferred language. For the best results, we recommend callback based implementation that also supports batch queries.

# Example of real-time data outbout with direct URL

curl --user user1\:pass '' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d  '{"source": "TARGET SITE", "url":"URL"}'



100K pages


per 1K pages

$ 400/month


1M pages


per 1K pages

$ 2,000/month


100M pages


per 1K pages

$ 50,000/month


500M pages


per 1K pages

$ 150,000/month


1B+ pages

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