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Autotrader Scraper API

With Autotrader Scraper API, you can extract public data from the British automotive marketplace. Collect individual offers, filtered lists, and categories, including manufacturers, models, prices, mileage, descriptions, contacts, images, and more, in real-time and at an unlimited scale.

  • No IP blocks or CAPTCHAs

  • Maintenance-free web scraping infrastructure

  • Payments for successful results only

*This web scraper is a part of E-Commerce Scraper API

Autotrader Scraper API
Data for competitive intelligence

Private sellers and car dealers’ data for competitive intelligence

Leverage Autotrader Scraper API to collect e-commerce data and boost your business to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Monitor offerings availability

  • Exercise dynamic pricing strategies

  • Conduct market research

Smart API features for data extraction

Custom Parser

Custom Parser

Prepare your own parsing instructions to suit any scraping target.

  • No parser maintenance and code breaks

  • Set up parsing logic with XPath and CSS selectors

  • Collect structured data in JSON format

Web Crawler

Web Crawler

Discover Autotrader pages for subsequent data extraction.

  • Select useful content

  • Define the crawling scope and tailor the end result

  • Have your results delivered in bulk



Use Scheduler to automate recurring scraping and parsing jobs at a desired frequency.

  • Create multiple schedules for different jobs

  • Automatically receive data to your preferred cloud storage

  • Get a notification when the job is complete

“With the services provided by Oxylabs, we managed to find a way to monitor certain sites that we could not monitor before, and, as a result, reach out to more customers and provide them with a better user experience.”

Irena Delas

Head of Customer Support @ Price2Spy

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API features and personalized support


In-depth tutorials

Kick off with our in-depth documentation.


Proxy management

Use our 102M+ proxy pool to collect data from specific locations. 


Bulk scraping

Extract data from up to 1,000 URLs from several pages, all at once. 


Different delivery choices

Get data delivered to your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage or fetch the results via the API. 

High scalability

Enjoy a simple integration process and increase the request number whenever needed. 

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Live chat support

Get quick and professional assistance via live chat or email. 

Autotrader Scraper API pricing

Select the plan best suited for your business size and needs


Get hyper-localized data

Pay only for successful results

Utilize scraping know-how

Don’t miss out

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1 week trial

Limited to 1 user



$2.80 / 1K results

$49 + VAT billed monthly



$2.60 / 1K results

$99 + VAT billed monthly



$2.40 / 1K results

$249 + VAT billed monthly





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5 requests / s

10 requests / s

15 requests / s

30 requests / s

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Frequently asked questions

How to scrape Autotrader?

Using a preferred programming language with appropriate data extraction libraries, you can develop a custom web scraper. Another option is outsourcing a ready-made automated tool such as Autotrader Scraper API. 

Make sure to follow GDPR regulations and Autotrader’s policies when engaging in web data extraction. See our blog post on the legal matters for more guidance.

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