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Lush Scraper API

Use the Scraper API to extract pricing, product images, and new collection details from Lush. Analyze the market and plan strategically with ease.

  • Access localized content worldwide

  • AI & ML-driven built-in features

  • Easily overcome IP blocks and CAPTCHAs

*This web scraper is part of E-Commerce Scraper API

Lush Scraper API

How to scrape data from Lush?

Utilize the Scheduler to automatically perform recurring scraping and parsing duties for Lush, allowing you to customize the frequency to your liking. To extract data from Use the Scheduler to automate repetitive scraping and parsing tasks for Lush with the flexibility to set your preferred frequency., simply construct a payload with job parameters and input the Use the Scheduler to automate repetitive scraping and parsing tasks for Lush with the flexibility to set your preferred frequency. website URL. Next, submit the request to our API and obtain the outcomes in HTML format.

Utilize Lush's sales and customer data to understand market trends, product pricing, and competition. Make strategic decisions to drive success for your cosmetics business on the Lush platform.

See the output example on the right, and visit our documentation to find more details.

    "results": [
"created_at": "2024-01-12 20:37:46",
"updated_at": "2024-01-12 20:37:47",
"page": 1,
"url": "",
"job_id": "7169159117994125193",
"status_code": 200
Pay only per successfully delivered results

Rich data for better decisions at Lush.

Get valuable insights from Lush with our Scraper API product. Easily scrape data and stay ahead of the competition. :

  • Monitor product availability and stock levels

  • Analyze customer reviews and ratings for product improvement

  • Track competitor pricing and promotions for pricing strategy

Smart Lush data scraping with API features

Custom Parser

Custom Parser

Experience the convenience of parsing Lush through our infrastructure, granting you the freedom to generate your parsing instructions.

  • No Lush parser maintenance required

  • Craft distinctive parsing logic for Lush using XPath and CSS selectors

  • Gather structured data from Lush

Web Crawler

Web Crawler

Utilize Web Crawler to gather real-time data on all Lush pages. Scale up your insights and stay ahead of the game.

  • Acquire the essential Lush data only

  • Customize and adjust the crawling scope for Lush according to your needs

  • Access Lush results in your selected format



Use the Scheduler to automate repetitive scraping and parsing tasks for Lush with the flexibility to set your preferred frequency.

  • Create multiple Lush crawling schedules for diverse tasks

  • Automatically receive Lush data in your preferred cloud storage

  • Get instant notifications upon Lush web crawling jobs completion

I find the support and communication from account managers to be very good, but the real winner is the products and tools that Oxylabs provides, which are high quality and do exactly as they promise.

Michael S.

Oxylabs customer

A word from a customer

Oxylabs goes beyond being a web scraping solution provider. We aim to be a trusted business partner, taking pride in the confidence our customers have in us for their data collection requirements and appreciating our dedication to ensuring a smooth web scraping experience.

24/7 support and other features


In-depth tutorials

Begin smoothly with our comprehensive documentation.


Massive IP address pool

Benefit from our broad 102M+ proxy pool for data extraction from chosen locations.


Bulk data collection

Gather data from up to 1,000 URLs from multiple pages at the same time.


Different delivery choices

Access data in your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage bucket, or use an API.

Highly scalable

Effortless integration, extensive customizability, and robust support for high request volumes.

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Live chat support

Don't hesitate to contact us via the live chat on our website for fast and expert assistance.

Lush Scraper API pricing

Plans for different business sizes and needs


Get hyper-localized data

Pay only for successful results

Utilize scraping know-how

Don’t miss out

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Limited to 1 user



$2.80 / 1K results

$49 + VAT billed monthly



$2.60 / 1K results

$99 + VAT billed monthly



$2.40 / 1K results

$249 + VAT billed monthly





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5 requests / s

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Frequently asked questions

What is Lush?

Lush is a cosmetics retailer known for its handmade, cruelty-free, and ethically-sourced products including bath and body products, skincare, haircare, and makeup. They are also known for their commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. You can find more information on their official website

Is scraping Lush legal?

The legality of web scraping Lush's website depends on the specific terms of use and conditions set by Lush. It is important to review their website's terms of use and robots.txt file to determine if web scraping is permitted. In general, web scraping may be legal if it complies with the website's terms of use and does not violate any copyright or data protection laws. However, it is always best to consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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