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Shopify Scraper API

Shopify Scraper is an optimal solution to extract public data from the websites built on the Shopify platform, including prices, products, descriptions, reviews, images, and more.

  • Collect data on a large scale

  • Retrieve real-time results

  • Pay for successfully delivered results only

*This scraper is part of E-Commerce Scraper API

Shopify Scraper API

How to scrape Shopify stores

Gathering Shopify data with our scraper is easy and requires only a few steps. You have to provide the target URL link to our service or allow us to form the URL based on the parameters provided in your request. Once the job is done, we will return the data in HTML format.  

Here’s an HTML output example on the right. See our documentation for input code samples.

"results": [
"created_at": "2023-06-12 14:57:02",
"updated_at": "2023-06-12 14:57:03",
"page": 1,
"url": "",
"job_id": "7074036885059813377",
"status_code": 200

Everything is just simple and works with no issues. Everyone is quite flexible and is here for you in times of need.

Vancho P.

Oxylabs products user

What do our customers say?

Our team puts incredible effort into making our customers’ experience smooth, joyful, and efficient. We’re proud that our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and our clients don’t hesitate to express their appreciation.

Extra features and 24/7 support

In-depth tutorials

Enjoy a quick start with a tutorial video and documentation.

Proxy management

Leverage the 102M+ proxy pool without having to manage it.

Bulk scraping

Scrape up to 5,000 URLs from multiple pages simultaneously. 

Multiple delivery options

Choose a preferred delivery option: via an API,  Google Cloud Storage, or Amazon S3.

Highly scalable

Easy to integrate, customize & supports a high volume of requests.

24/7 support

Reach out to our customer success team anytime to get the assistance you need.

Smart scraping with API features

Custom Parser

Custom Parser

Independently write parsing instructions and parse any target effortlessly while using our infrastructure.

  • No need to maintain your own parser

  • Define your own parsing logic with XPath and CSS selectors

  • Collect ready-to-use structured data from Shopify

Web Crawler

Discover all pages on Shopify and fetch data at scale and in real time with Web Crawler feature.

  • Gather only the data you need from target websites

  • Control the crawling scope and tailor the end result

  • Retrieve your results in a specified format


Automate recurring scraping and parsing jobs with the needed frequency by scheduling them with Scheduler feature.

  • Create multiple schedules for different jobs

  • Receive data automatically to your preferred cloud storage

  • Get notifications once each job is done

Shopify Store Scraper API pricing

Gather data from Shopify effortlessly


Pay only for successful results

Gather highly-localized data

Receive scraping know-how

Don’t miss out

Free Trial


1 week trial

Limited to 1 user



$2.80 / 1K results

$49 + VAT billed monthly



$2.60 / 1K results

$99 + VAT billed monthly



$2.40 / 1K results

$249 + VAT billed monthly





Rate limit
5 requests / s

10 requests / s

15 requests / s

30 requests / s

JavaScript rendering
Parsed data
24/7 support
Dedicated Account Manager

10% off

Yearly plans discount

For all our plans by paying yearly. Contact customer support to learn more.

We accept these payment methods:

Frequently asked questions

Does Shopify allow scraping?

Shopify product data is publicly available, meaning you can freely scrape it. However, in order to evaluate the risks in your specific situation, given the local and international legislations, it’s advised to consult a legal expert before starting to scrape online stores or involving in other scraping activities.

How to bypass Shopify CAPTCHA?

Our Shopify web scraper (including Shopify product scraper, Shopify users scraper, Shopify ad scraper, and Shopify crawler) can bypass CAPTCHA automatically. Check out this blog post about bypassing CAPTCHA.

How can the scraped Shopify data be used?

Shopify data can be used for pricing intelligence, competitor analysis, and product catalog mapping.

How do I scrape a product on Shopify?

To gather publicly available product information from Shopify, you need to write your own web scraping script or use advanced tools, such as Oxylabs' Shopify Scraper API. In this case, all you need to do is either provide us with the product URL or let us form a URL based on the parameters you've provided in your request. Once the task is completed, we'll deliver the product information in HTML format. For more detailed info visit our documentation or GitHub.

How to scrape hidden shopify products?

We don't recommend scraping hidden Shopify products because they are intentionally hidden from the public view on the website, so accessing and scraping them might be against the terms of service of the Shopify store and could potentially raise legal issues.

How to scrape variants from a Shopify site?

Even if all product variants aren’t visible when you open the page, information still exists in the HTML. To gather variants from a Shopify site with Oxylabs’ Shopify Scraper API, you need to give us a required page URL or let us form a URL according to your parameters. We’ll provide you the results in HTML format, and you’ll need to parse variants information. You can check our Custom Parser feature if you’re searching for an easy solution to parse the required public data.

Need a customized website scraper?