Real-Time Crawler

Scalable and easy to use data extraction tool

Instant response, parsed data, and user-friendly interface. No need to manage proxies, IPs, or proxy managers.

100% delivery

A 100% delivery from leading e-commerce sites and search engines

A perfect solution to extract data from challenging, data-wealthy sources, offering a 100% success rate, no blocks, and zero captchas.

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Quick and easy integration

Simple API integration and usage of Real-Time Crawler is a continually enhanced solution that ensures reliable, scalable, and future-proof web crawling experience.

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Real-Time Crawler

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100% delivery

Sophisticated Real-Time Crawler infrastructure guarantees 100% success rates.

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Highly customizable

Flexible web data collection tool to meet diverse requirements.

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Captcha solving

Forget time-consuming tasks, Real-Time Crawler effortlessly handles captchas.


Data from complex targets

Guaranteed delivery even from the most challenging data sources.

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Effortless transition

Integrating Real-Time Crawler is as straightforward as using IPs.


Global coverage

No need to worry about locations, as Real-Time Crawler covers them all.

How Real-Time Crawler boosts businesses’ revenue

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Price tag with dollar sign

Sales intelligence

Proven to be the most effective tool to extract pricing intelligence data from any source on the web.

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Horizontal column chart

SEO monitoring

Real-Time Crawler is the most suitable solution to extract SERP data and monitor SEO activities.

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Businesses are also using our proxies for:

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Ad verification
Travel fare aggregation
Brand protection
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Market research
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Product page intelligence
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Email protection

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Cost-effective solution

Save your business' resources on web scraping. With Real-Time Crawler, simply focus on actionable insights and accumulate on operational costs savings.

  • HR costs

    No need for an in-house team, transfer human resources to capture new opportunities.

  • Infrastructure costs

    No need to invest resources into multiple servers, IP rotation services, data parsing, and more.

  • Raw costs

    Forecasted costs of 50M successful queries by an in-house data extraction team vs. Real-Time Crawler


Mante Petrauskaite

Head of Account Managers @ Oxylabs

Real-Time Crawler is a perfect, scalable, and future-oriented solution to monitor keyword rankings on SERPs and extract pricing intelligence data. Our clients focus on insights instead of managing web scraping and proxy infrastructure. That gives them an undying competitive advantage in their fields.


Jonas Jokubauskas

Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Tracking prices online may be tricky – the complexity of such a process increases when more marketplaces are monitored. If there’s a need to scale the pages retrieved without further ado, I would bet on the Real-Time Crawler for a guaranteed 100% delivery.

A word from your dedicated account manager

By choosing to work with our Real-Time Crawler, you will get your very own dedicated account manager.

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